7 Seeds Season 3 Release Date – Renewed or Canceled

The 5 groups of young adults wake up after a cryogenic sleep and find Japan totally changed. They must learn ways to survive in a hostile environment. 7 Seeds is an anime series based on the Japanese manga series which was released in November 2018, and in June 2019 on Netflix. 7 Seeds has gained worldwide popularity because of its storyline and has two seasons up till now. People are eagerly waiting for 7 Seeds season 3. Will there be part 3 of 7 Seeds? Keep reading the article to know more.

7 Seeds Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

7 Seeds is a popular Japanese anime series that is derived from its manga series. It is written by Yumi Tamura and published by Shogakukan. The series made its first appearance in Shojo magazine, however, it was adapted as an anime series on 26th November 2018. It was released on Netflix worldwide on 28 June 2019 and has gained worldwide popularity ever since.

Setting Of 7 Seeds

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The season is set in a post-apocalyptic future which is several years from now. The setting takes place in Japan where the members of the 5 groups wake up to a completely new and antagonistic environment. The people from the group describe Japan’s season as something they have never seen before. There are newly mutated species that are completely non-compliant.

Plot Summary Season 1 And 2

The groups wake up from a deep cryogenic sleep only to find out they are several years away from the time they were put into slumber. After a meteorite hit the world, the leaders gathered healthy humans and put them into a deep cryogenic sleep to preserve them from destruction, believing they will bring back sustenance. Upon waking after many years, the young adults from 5 groups find out there is barely any human life left on planet earth.

The 5 groups called winter, spring, summer A, summer B, and fall consist of 7 members each. They realize that the climate, animals, and insect species of Japan have greatly changed. There are only two types of weather: completely dry weather, and heavy rainy weather. During the course of their survival and exploration, they are attacked by massive wild insects, animals, and plantations.

For instance, they get attacked by gigantic cockroaches, fly traps, crocodiles, and human-sized rodents. The whole environment is quite confrontational for them, they must learn to survive. Some of them die because they are unable to survive in such a hostile situation. The remaining must learn to stay alive and combat the hostile entities.

Towards the end of season 2, it is shown that nature takes over the whole world and is destroying humans. Besides, a former captain has decided to launch a missile toward Japan which the two surviving groups must stop. The two groups fail at the mission. However, their ship is slowly eaten up by bacteria which consequently stops the missile from launching. The ending shows that the group members are learning ways but they haven’t completely learned to adjust.

7 Seeds Season 3: Renewed Or Canceled?

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The second season ends on a note that the people from the 7 Seeds project have learned the ways to survive in the new world. However, they haven’t taken over the world as it is now ruled by nature. The people are happy that they have played their role in surviving and helping each other. But what will be next? Will they continue to hide and combat the hostile nature? We can only know that if there is a season 3.

Ever since season 2 has ended, people have been waiting anxiously for 7 Seeds season 3 because season two left some loose ends. Unfortunately, Netflix has canceled the renewal of 7 seeds season 3 for reasons unknown. Also, there haven’t been any official announcements from the makers of the series. But that hasn’t left the fans hopeless because there is a lot of content present as there are 35 manga volumes present.

The makers of the anime series can create new content as well. There is so much more to the story. We know that the people from the 7 seed groups have somehow managed to live in a world that is totally cruel to them. The story has ended on an unfinished note. Therefore, there could be a possibility of them creating offspring and creating a new generation of humans. Those humans will be more adapted to that environment.

These are all the random guesses about the possible plotline of season 3. Also, we have no idea when 7 seeds season 3 will come out as there is no news as of now. However, we can guess that the new season might come out at the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2023. These are all the guesses we have proposed to the fans, we’ll know only when it really comes out.


What is 7 Seeds season about?

7 Seeds is a science-fiction Japanese manga series that has anime adaptation with 2 seasons so far. It is about a post-apocalypse time in which 5 groups are woken from cryogenic sleep where they find themselves in a totally hostile environment. They find newer species on earth who are totally hostile towards them. They aren’t trained for such a world therefore they must learn in order to survive.

What challenges do the 5 groups face?

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There are many challenges the young adults from the 7 seeds groups have to face in the new world. For instance, they have to look for food and adjust to the harsh climate that has drastically changed. Moreover, there are new and hostile species all around the country which they must protect themselves, to stay alive.

Will there be 7 Seeds season 3?

There are 50-50 chances about that because there has been no news about the producers and directors. However, based on the 35 volumes of the 7 Seeds manga series, there are chances that we will see season 3 in early 2023. Netflix has canceled the show for renewal. However, some other studios might agree on making a new season.

The Bottom Line

The 5 groups wake up in a world they have never known before. To their misery, they were even trained to survive in a post-apocalyptic future. 7 Seeds shows the struggles of the 5 groups called winter, spring, summer A, summer B, and fall. Each group consists of 7 members who must protect themselves from hostile entities. There hasn’t been any news about season 3 up till now but there is a 50-50 chance about the series renewal. We might expect the third installment in 2023 but we cannot say for sure until the makers announce anything