10 Best Electric Ukulele 2023 – Complete Guide

Do you have a penchant for music? Would you like to strum your hum on a ukulele and amplify your acoustics? The popularity of the electric ukulele is rising every day. Individuals globally are searching for the best electric ukulele 2023, and get overwhelmed by the choices available. But, with so many options, how can you choose the best one?

Best Pick
Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele with Gig Bag, Satin Natural
Price Pick
Electric Ukulele, AKLOT Tenor Electric Ukelele 26 Inch Uke with Equalizer Solid Mahogany for...
Don't Miss
Kala KA-TE Mahogany Tenor Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag, Clip-On Tuner, Austin...
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Electric ukulele MAHALO EUK-200 electronic musical instrument International Version
Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele with Gig Bag, Satin Natural
Electric Ukulele, AKLOT Tenor Electric Ukelele 26 Inch Uke with Equalizer Solid Mahogany for...
Kala KA-TE Mahogany Tenor Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag, Clip-On Tuner, Austin...
Electric ukulele MAHALO EUK-200 electronic musical instrument International Version
Best Pick
Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele with Gig Bag, Satin Natural
Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele with Gig Bag, Satin Natural
Price Pick
Electric Ukulele, AKLOT Tenor Electric Ukelele 26 Inch Uke with Equalizer Solid Mahogany for...
Electric Ukulele, AKLOT Tenor Electric Ukelele 26 Inch Uke with Equalizer Solid Mahogany for...
Don't Miss
Kala KA-TE Mahogany Tenor Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag, Clip-On Tuner, Austin...
Kala KA-TE Mahogany Tenor Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag, Clip-On Tuner, Austin...
Also Consider
Electric ukulele MAHALO EUK-200 electronic musical instrument International Version
Electric ukulele MAHALO EUK-200 electronic musical instrument International Version

You can relax because we have listed the best electric ukuleles 2023 below. So ride the crest of the wave with us as we tell you what makes them the best.

Top 6 Electric Ukuleles 2023

1. Luna Tattoo Electric Ukulele

Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele with Gig Bag, Satin Natural


If you’re looking for a ukulele that’s both affordable and high-quality, the Luna Tattoo ukulele is a good choice. This is one of the most popular electric ukuleles on the market, owing to the fact that it sounds great and is quite inexpensive.

The Luna Tattoo ukulele is a beautiful instrument to look at. Its one-of-a-kind tattoo design is a true conversation starter. With the black design set against brown skin, the design resembles a traditional monochromatic tattoo.

To keep the instrument’s distinctive appearance, the fret markers resemble the teeth of a shark. It offers a wonderful tone for an affordable price because of its concert shape and mahogany construction. With the purchase, you will also receive a gig bag.


  • For a high-quality sound, the top and body are made of mahogany
  • The fingerboard is made of rosewood
  • Pearloid tuners
  • A gig bag is included

2. Caramel CT402 Acoustic-Electric Tenor Ukulele

26 inch Caramel CT904 Ebony Tenor LCD color display Electric Professional Player Beginners Ukulele


Look no further if you want all the benefits of a solid wood ukulele without the astronomical price tag! The CT402 is constructed entirely of real Mahogany wood. This gives the sound more endurance and enhances the resonance, allowing you to get the most out of it. The arched back shape, which assists with volume and sustains, adds to the Ukulele’s distinctive features.

A truss rod with an Allen key is provided with this CT402. This means you may simply tweak and adjust the motion to fit your needs and playing style. With its acoustics, this Caramel ukulele is a great foundation.

It’s not just a great acoustic ukulele, but it’s also equipped with all of the electronics you’ll need to connect it to an amp. It has a 3-band EQ with volume, bass, midrange, and treble controls onboard.


  • High-quality ukulele at low price
  • Acoustic and electric
  • Metal machining tuners
  • Unique soundhole

3. Kala KA-TE Mahogany Electric Ukulele

Kala KA-TE Mahogany Tenor Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag


The Kala KA-TE Mahogany is a terrific option if you want to get a kit that includes all the necessary accessories and tools to get started playing your favorite melodies and keep your newly purchased instrument in pristine shape.

A simple clip-on tuner is also included to make tuning and to maintain your instrument easier. The mahogany neck and body are not only beautiful, but they will also help you achieve the sounds you desire. The frame is also strong enough to ensure that your purchase’s integrity is never jeopardized, even if you use it for long periods of time.


  • Comes with a gig bag
  • Mahogany body
  • Accessories included
  • Clip-on tuner

4. Mahalo EUK-200 Ukulele

Electric ukulele MAHALO EUK-200 electronic musical instrument 


When it comes to the creation of acoustic ukuleles, Mahalo Ukulele is unquestionably an authority. They appear to be capable of producing good electric ukuleles as well. One of their best-selling electric models is the Mahalo EUK-200.

The active preamp on this cute little electric ukulele is powered by a 9V battery, and it lets you modify your tone blend. The volume and tone knobs are located on the front side, while an output connection is located on the bottom.

There’s a headphone jack next to the output jack so that you may practice quietly. The body is constructed of wood and is elegantly fashioned with two cutouts. The rosewood fretboard is mounted on an okoume bolt-on neck.


  • Solid-body ukulele
  • Mahogany Hardware
  • Rosewood Neck
  • Okoume bolt-on Fretboard
  • Active preamp
  • Bolt-on Scale
  • Headphone jack
  • 9V Battery

5. Aklot Electric Tenor Ukulele

AKLOT Electric Tenor Ukulele, 26 Inch Ukelele with Equalizer Solid Mahogany Uke


This ukulele’s design is absolutely stunning and captivating. You’ll never stop falling in love with this instrument because of its robust mahogany finish, rounded top edges, well-polished finishing, and pattern.

This ukulele includes geared tuners and a mahogany head. With a higher action and sophisticated embellishments not seen in many ukuleles at this range, this ukulele is significantly more appealing at its price. This is an excellent ukulele option for beginners and fans of soul-pop songs.

The wood choice and structure distinguish Aklot ukuleles’ tone and pitch from most other ukuleles. Aklot is made up of solid structures that provide a distinct sound with high loudness and pitch. The majority of low-cost ukuleles are composed of laminated wood, which has an impact on sound quality.

Even the cheapest aklot ukuleles, particularly aklot tenors, provide the greatest tones and projects. In comparison to solid wood, laminated woods are widely used due to their low cost and ease of use.


  • Solid mahogany soundboard
  • 18:1 Tuning head
  • Rounded edges
  • Acoustic and electric
  • Comes with a free tutorial

6. Kala KA-CE Electric Ukulele

Kala KA-CE Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag

The Kala KA-CE is an electric concert ukulele that has everything you need. The KA series from Kala prioritizes function over aesthetics, and it includes some excellent-sounding ukuleles for an affordable price. While it lacks the aesthetic flair of some of the other ukuleles on this list, the KA-CE is a wonderful pick for anyone who just wants their ukulele to sound good, whether it’s played acoustically or with amplification.

The KA-CE is built of laminate mahogany and has a simple design. Traditionalists may prefer the clean, uncomplicated style, which lacks cutaways, inlays, and other frills. The white binding along the margins is the only decorative element. The structure appears to be quite sturdy.

Many people are looking for an acoustic-electric guitar that they can use for performances, open mics, and jams. This ukulele is ideal for traveling because it can endure the knocks and bumps that can occur in busy places and on the road.

The KA-CE has a lot of volume for a laminate concert ukulele. It’s bright without being tinny or harsh acoustically. Because it offers an excellent balance of loudness and tone between individual strings, this ukulele is especially good for fingerpicking.


  • NuBone XB nut and saddle
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Mahogany body

Buyer’s Guide

Best Electric Ukulele
Source: instrumentio.com

Consider the things mentioned below before buying an electric ukulele.


The majority of electric ukuleles are really attractive, but appearances aren’t everything. Keep quality, durability, and materials in mind while looking for an electric ukulele. Most of us dream of owning a real koa wood ukulele, so get yourself to a guitar shop or have your instrument custom-made if that’s within your budget!

It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Try to concentrate on good materials for the rest of us. The most popular woods used are mahogany, cedar, acacia, spruce, and maple. Although there are a few solid wood electric ukuleles on the market, the majority of the more economical models are laminate, which helps with durability.


Because of its distinct and lovely tone, the ukulele is more reliant on its acoustic sound than the guitar. Many electric ukuleles have hollow bodies as a result of this. The hollow body of the instrument allows it to project sound.

The sound you wish to make will determine whether you use a hollow-body or solid-body model. A middle ground is a hollow electric model. The amp’s electric sound blends with the acoustic tone to create a distinctive sound. Without an amplifier, a solid-body ukulele produces essentially no sound.


Each electric ukulele’s tone is created by a combination of factors. Some of them, such as the wood in the body and neck, are built into the instrument and cannot be changed. Others, on the other hand, are simple to change.

The tone and depth of the ukulele’s sound are all influenced by the pickups. It’s not difficult to replace them with a different set; a music or guitar store may assist you, and you can even learn to do it yourself. Strings have a tone all their own, and they’re quite easy to replace.


electric ukulele sizes
Source: guitarlobby.com

Electric ukuleles, unlike guitars, come in a variety of sizes. They are divided into four categories based on their size. The soprano is the smallest. It measures around 21 inches in length. In most cases, a soprano is too small for an adult to comfortably play.

They make a cheerful, inviting sound. The concert is the next size up, at 23 inches long. The tone of the ukulele becomes deeper and warmer as it grows in size.

The tenor ukulele boasts a lengthy fretboard that is appropriate for persons with large hands, measuring 26 inches long. The ukuleles get a little more difficult to travel at this time. The baritone ukulele is the largest size. It measures 30 inches in length.

Baritone ukuleles are tuned differently. A baritone ukulele’s natural tuning is the same as the four highest strings on a guitar. If you’ve played acoustic guitar before, this makes it a great place to start.


Source: ukutabs.com

What is the working principle of an electric ukulele?

An electric ukulele is equipped with components that detect and catch acoustic waves. The vibrations are subsequently converted into electrical signals by the built-in components. These signals are then sent through an output jack to an amplifier, resulting in the amplified sound you hear.

Does the electric ukulele have an in-built tuner?

When you buy an Electric Ukulele, it usually comes with a built-in chromatic tuner. It will typically be a simple one, but it will be dependable enough to allow you to tune your instrument without the need for additional equipment and in any location, including noisy and crowded areas.

Are there any pros of electric ukuleles?

They are unquestionably as good as any acoustic ukulele because they are the same instrument, with the extra bonus of connecting to an amplifier. An electric ukulele is a fantastic buy for young students who want to practice their skills without worrying about disturbing others.

If you have an electric instrument, you can just plug in your headphones and listen to the music with your ears alone. This will allow you to practice at any time of day or night, and you will hear a clear sound.

What are the prices of electric ukuleles?

There are many different versions to choose from, just like any other instrument, and each one has a diverse price range. Most musicians and professionals advise starting with an instrument that costs less than $100, as this is the sweet spot where you get the most bang for your buck.

You may find outstanding models at an inexpensive price, which is a big selling factor for students or amateur musicians. There are a variety of choices available for consumers who wish to improve their performance even more, with prices ranging from $100 to $200.

Do I need an amp for my ukulele?

It depends entirely on the type of electric ukulele you’ve purchased. The acoustic-electric and electric types are the two most common. The acoustic-electric guitar can be played without the use of an amplifier because it has a hollow body that allows sound to resonate without the use of additional electronics.

The solid body of the electric option, on the other hand, necessitates the use of an amplifier in order to play sound. A pickup is required due to the lack of a hollow body. The pickup will detect the vibrations of the strings and send them as electrical waves to the amplifier, which can subsequently convert them into sound.


A ukulele with electric capabilities can offer up a world of possibilities. It enables you to personalize your sound, even more, record songs, and play on stage without having to worry about microphone troubles. Thankfully, electronics aren’t limited to high-end ukuleles, so even the most frugal ukulele player may enjoy themselves by plugging in.

With this list of the top electric ukuleles, you’ll be able to pick the appropriate ukulele for your budget with confidence.

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