Yamaha F335 vs FG800 – 2022 Review

Yamaha F335 Vs FG800

You must have already known about Yamaha if you are familiar with the music industry or play guitar yourself. You will agree with me that it is among the most popular brands that manufacture a variety of musical instruments. Since there is a vast range of Yamaha guitars, it might be difficult for you to … Read more

How Much Do Acoustic Guitars Weigh? – 2022 Guide

acoustic guitar Weigh

Want to accomplish an outstanding performance with an acoustic guitar or consider whether you can pack it for the overseas trip? These situations will require you to have sufficient knowledge about the weight of this awesome instrument. Choosing or purchasing the appropriate guitar is key to the successful accomplishment of several plans. There are multiple … Read more

What Beat Maker Do Rappers Use? 2022 – Complete Guide

Top Beat Makers for Rappers

When you hear the beginning of a rap song, the beats are what get your head bobbing. It is important for rappers, along with all music producers, to have a good beat to their songs. There is numerous music-related software that you can take advantage of as an emerging rapper. While it may be difficult … Read more

Most Famous Blind Piano Players of All Time 2022

Famous Blind Piano Players

We often consider playing a musical instrument to be a visual activity. Most of us rely on sight when trying to play the piano, but many blind pianists have had to learn this the hard way, without their sense of sight. Visually impaired musicians have a big drawback, and despite this disability, a few of … Read more

Using Musical Instruments to Improve Motor Skill Recovery Following a Stroke

music for stroke patient

Using musical instruments to improve motor skill recovery following a stroke is not a new subject. When the brain tissue does not get an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients from the blood, the brain cells begin to die, a stroke becomes inevitable. Simply put, a stroke can

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Why the Djembe Drum Is One of South Africa’s Most Important Instruments

djembe drum in South Africa

Tracing the origin of the Djembe Drum will take us as far back as 800 years. Yet, djembe drum in South Africa will remain a relevant musical instrument. While they are now seen most at shops, markets, or in drumming circles, the fact remains that they remain a crucial part of musical instruments in entire Africa, and remain fancied by millions.

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Djembe Drum: Spirit of Togetherness

djembe drummers

The Djembe drum is arguably one of the most versatile and popular percussion instruments around the world. One reason why many make use of this drum is that it possesses the ability to create several types of pitches, which varies from bass (low), tone (medium), to slap (high). Amazingly, by merely striking different parts of the Djembe skin with your hands, all these sounds can be produced.

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