Do You Need Speakers For Digital Piano? 2023 – Everything You Need to Know

Just like any other musical instrument, a digital piano can excite, inspire, and move a person. It simulates an acoustic piano, but instead of hammers and strings, it includes speakers to create a natural sound.

It has keys to give you an authentic feeling of an acoustic keyboard while allowing you to experiment to enhance your learning experience and develop your own taste.

However, one question that often confuses a person who has just started using a digital piano is – Do I really require speakers for it?

A straightforward answer to this question is – it all depends on you.

But Will it Make Any Difference If You Add Speakers to it?

Do You Need Speakers For a Digital Piano

While answering this question, we must consider some facts. Digital pianos are equipped with a variety of different sounds, even an acoustic piano sound that is suitable for pop, classical music, and jazz.

It uses sampling technology to record the sound produced when playing an acoustic piano. These samples are then played each time you press the digital piano keys.

Some samples have a very bright sound while some are mellow and warm. Some digital pianos even have the adjustments of an acoustic piano that allow you to adjust the sound to your taste or to the properties of the room you are playing in.

They offer additional sounds such as harpsichords, electric pianos, and strings to suit the style of music you’re playing and even let you add two sounds together for versatility.

So, at the end of the day, it is down to your personal choice whether you want to add speakers to your device or not. However, adding a speaker to a digital piano is an excellent decision.

The primary reason is the clarity and perfection with which the music comes out to offer you a pleasing and audible experience. Also, since the original sound of a digital piano is not suitable for performing in a large room, you need speakers for it.

Since several options are available out there, you must pick one after considering a few points.

Consider if You’ve Finalized Buying a Speaker for Your Digital Piano

Do You Need Speakers For a Digital Piano

Passive vs. Active Speakers

Active speakers have their own amplifier built into the cabinet, and passive speakers draw power from an external amp and are joined through a wire.

While passive speakers are home safe, active speakers are used in consumer audio for subwoofers, Bluetooth speakers, and audio speakers.

Size of the Speakers

Before buying a certain speaker, ask yourself: will you often move around the product? Or will you keep it in a fixed location? Your answer to these questions will influence your buying decision as it will be better to buy portable speakers if you love performing in multiple places.

Aesthetics of the Speakers

Choosing the design of your speakers is not just limited to its exterior characteristics but inner as well. If you plan on connecting your device and other musical instruments, take note of the number of channel mixers they feature, then go for a speaker that complements the aesthetic design of your piano.

Wired or Wireless Speakers

Wired speakers are effective in delivering quality sound. On the other hand, wireless speakers are portable and encompass several top-notch characteristics that you cannot find in a traditional wired speaker.

Sound Characteristics

You should consider the audio quality of the speakers you are deciding to buy. If your decision is torn between two models with similar features, finalize the one that produces better sound with minor distortion.



How to Join External Speakers to a Digital Piano Keyboard?

If you own a stereo ⅛” output or headphone jack on your keyboard, you can easily connect it to the external speakers. The only thing you’ll require is a long cable with a stereo ⅛” plug on each end. If it isn’t available, the next most accessible connection is to use the stereo ¼” headphone output.

Is it OK to Connect MIDI Keyboards to Virtual Piano Speakers?

Professionals use MIDI (Music Instrument Device Interface) keyboards to produce and record music for films. While they can be connected to a PC with the help of a MIDI Audio Interface or amplifier, they also let you connect the MIDI keyboard to speakers or headphones.

How to Amplify a Digital Piano and Keyboard?

There are a few ways of amplifying your digital piano and keyboard:

  • Keyboard Amps are a sturdy amplification system with in-built speakers to reproduce an electronic instrument’s frequency range. It magnifies a tool that is designed for hearing on the stage instead of altering the sound character.
  • PA Live Sound System provides the sound from the performer to the audience using components that serve purposes like converting acoustic sound, amplifying signals, and monitoring everything.
  • Studio Monitors produce an accurate, uncolored representation of your music.

Are there any Perks of Playing a Digital Piano?

  • No Maintenance: As digital pianos do not use hammers or strings to produce sound, they do not require any tuning.
  • Headphone Support: Digital pianos allow you to use headphones, thus avoiding any kind of distraction and nuisance.
  • Record & Editing: This characteristic lets you keep a track of your progress for improvement.
  • App Integration: These devices have access to online applications which improve your skills and make teaching fun.

Are there any Perks of Buying a Speaker for a Digital Piano?

There are several perks of getting high-quality speakers for your virtual device. One of them is that it lets you perform in public without fearing your performance not getting enough coverage by accentuating even the hidden sounds.


If you know how to play a digital piano, you are blessed with melodic tunes that you can listen to anytime you want. But in the absence of speakers, you won’t enjoy them, especially if you want to play live in large venues.

However, if you are starting out on playing this device it is best that you don’t spend on external speakers – internal ones would be fine as long as you are practicing in your room.

Speakers are the primary sound output of a digital piano. You may not really need their high-end tones and sounds if you’re a beginner. But if you’re an experienced player, it will help you produce better sound quality.