Free! Season 4 – Release Date – Everything You Need To Be Aware Of

No matter how many seasons a good storyline is based on, the viewers will not get bored of following it. One of such brilliant, engrossing, and captivating stories is the Japanese masterpiece, ”Free”. If you are an otaku and are obsessed with anime movies then you would surely have enjoyed all the previous seasons of Free! Being an absolute anime fan I have keenly followed all three seasons and am eagerly waiting for the fourth one to be launched.

The Free! is a television animated series. The country of origin of this mesmerizing series is Japan. It is adored by anime fans who are interested in sports-based stories. It is slightly different from the other action-based and fantasy-based anime movies, as the story revolves around a group of athletes, and how they struggle and grow together. Here I have brought to you all the details about Free! Season 4, its Release Date, and Everything you need to be aware of. Without further ado, let’s sink into the details that you are here for.

Free! Season 4: Release Date: Everything you need to be aware of

Details About The Previous Seasons Of Free!


If you adore athletic-based movies and series, then free is going to be your new favorite. The Plot of Free is based on one of the best-selling novels, “High Speed” by Koji Oji who is a fabulous Japanese Novelist. The storyline of all three seasons is written by Masahiro Yakotani who is the screenwriter behind anime like K-On and Sahura’s Quest. The executive director of Free! is Hiroko Utsumi and the co-director is Eisako Kwanami.

The program creator and production house behind this amazing anime series are Kyoto Animations and Animation Do. This anime series was broadcast on TX Network and All Nippon News Network. Free is an animated television series that was first launched on 4, July 2013. The first season had a total of twelve episodes. After the success of the first season, the second season was launched on 2, July 2014. This season had a total of thirteen episodes and the last episode was released on 24, September 2014. The third one was launched on 11, July 2018 having a total of twelve episodes.

The Cast Of Free!

  1. The Person behind the character of Haruka Nanase is Shimazaki Nobunaga, who is one of the protagonists and leader of the athletic group
  2. The Cast behind the character of Rin Matsuoka is Mamora Miyano who was a member of the Iwatobi club but left later.
  3. The voice behind the character of Tachibana Makoto is Suzuki Tatsuhisa who is one of the members of the Iwatobi club and a friend of Haroko.
  4. The cast behind the character of Hazuki Nagisa is Yonaga Tsubasa who is also one of the five friends who established the club.
  5. The person behind the character of Ryugazaki Rei is Hirakawa Daisuke who is one of the protagonists and an amazing butterfly swimmer.

The Release Date of Free Season Four

The last episode of Free! Season Three was aired on 26, September 2018. Season three hinted at the release of season four in 2020 but due to overall pandemic conditions around the globe and some problems regarding the production of the anime series its launch was delayed multiple times. The developers of the Free series had decided to launch a movie associated with the theme of the Olympic Games but as the Olympics got delayed in 2020, the launch of the movie was too.

The movie consists of two volumes. The first volume was launched on 17 September 2023. Whereas, the second volume of the Free Final stroke was released on 22 April 2023. With the release of the second volume of “The Final Stroke”, we are expecting that the makers will soon officially announce the actual launch day of Season four soon. You will see how the story grows and what new accomplishments the swimmers of the Iwatobi club will achieve.

What will be the Storyline Of Season Four?

If you have followed the previous seasons of Free, then you will be well aware that this Japanese animation is based on a journey of childhood friends and how they accomplish their goals together. Haruka Nanase is the protagonist and leader of the Iwatobi Swimming Club. The friends Haruka, Rin, Makoto, and Nagisa are great lovers of swimming and usually train together. They formed a club but parted later.

Later fate brings them back together. They try to catch up with their separated friend Rin but fail. Rei is a talented swimmer and joins the Iwatobi club. Rei is the captain of the club and Haruka is the vice-captain. They work hard and take part together in many high school competitions. The story grows around the friendship, rivalry, competition, and hard work of these friends. This series shows how friends support, fight, and grow, supporting each other no matter how many difficult times they might face in life.

The fourth season will take the love for swimming of these enthusiastic swimmers to a whole new level as they will take part in international competitions. The viewers are expecting the swimmers to take a shot at the Olympics and explore their swimming skills to make the name of the Iwatobi swimming club on the world level. You must stay tuned to know what further happens in their lives and what the future holds for them.


Will there be free anime Season 4?

Yes, the fourth season of the Free animation series is expected to be launched soon. Due to the delay in the release of the Free- Final stroke movie the release of season four was also postponed. But as the second volume of the movie was released on 22 April 2023, there is a strong possibility for the release of free season four soon. The makers have not finalized the dates but you must be ready to hear from them any time soon.


Here I have all the information about Free! Season 4, its release date, and everything you need to be aware of. Being a swimming enthusiast and Otaku, Free! is one of my favorite anime series. The story takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You will see the members of the Iwatobi club struggle, work, and accomplish their dreams. Their journey is not smooth, there are times when their friendship is in danger, but they always stick together and find a way. To watch what the future holds for them you will have to wait for the Free Season Four.