10 Best Low Action Acoustic Guitars 2023 – Top Affordable Picks

Guitarists mandating comfort and ease while playing guitars, specifical beginners, go for low-action acoustic guitars. Low-action guitars possess strings near the fretboard, which makes fretting notes effortless. Such guitars render the most outstanding music for beginners and ones facing hassles with their guitars.

Editor's Pick
Martin Road Series D-10E Satin Sitka/Sapele Natural
Amazon's Choice
Yamaha GigMaker Standard Acoustic Guitar w/ Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap and Picks - Sunburst
Best Price
Cordoba 6 C5-CE CD Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Iberia Series, Right, Cedar, Cutaway...
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Taylor Baby Taylor BTe-Koa Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
Martin Road Series D-10E Satin Sitka/Sapele Natural
Yamaha GigMaker Standard Acoustic Guitar w/ Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap and Picks - Sunburst
Cordoba 6 C5-CE CD Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Iberia Series, Right, Cedar, Cutaway...
Taylor Baby Taylor BTe-Koa Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
Editor's Pick
Martin Road Series D-10E Satin Sitka/Sapele Natural
Martin Road Series D-10E Satin Sitka/Sapele Natural
Amazon's Choice
Yamaha GigMaker Standard Acoustic Guitar w/ Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap and Picks - Sunburst
Yamaha GigMaker Standard Acoustic Guitar w/ Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap and Picks - Sunburst
Best Price
Cordoba 6 C5-CE CD Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Iberia Series, Right, Cedar, Cutaway...
Cordoba 6 C5-CE CD Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Iberia Series, Right, Cedar, Cutaway...
Also Consider
Taylor Baby Taylor BTe-Koa Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
Taylor Baby Taylor BTe-Koa Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

The market is stocked with innumerable low-action guitars to procure. There are ample particulars to look for in acoustic guitars. For guitarists, particularly beginners hunting for low-action acoustic guitars, looking into the specifications for the best low-action acoustic guitars is a must. There are myriads of the low action guitars, to know more keep scrolling down for detailed information.

Top Best Low Action Acoustic Guitars Review

1. Martin Guitar Road Series D-10e Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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C.F. Martin’s guitar sequence stays a dream for a budding guitarist looking for low-action and superior-quality guitars. The Sapele construction supplies extraordinary overtones that stand influential plus crisp, adding versatility.

The solid wood guitars are constructed from superior wood for best action through long music sessions, late-night sessions, and more picking. The Martin D10E series delivers incomparable playability, whether jazz, folk, country, or rock music. The unparalleled craftsmanship and quality make Martin guitars the best low-action acoustic guitars.


  • It offers a grander appearance with a satin finish.
  • They come with an in-built mute choice for audio output.
  • Martin guitar produces voluminous and resonant tones.
  • Excellent craftsmanship with distinct body shape.

2. Yamaha Gigmaker Standard Acoustic Guitar

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The Yamaha series of guitars stands prestigious for serving the guitarist community with incredible guitars. The Yamaha Gigmaker standard guitar comes in a tobacco sunburst shade with low action and owes a smooth finish.

The innovative design uses Spruce for the top body and Meranti for the body and back. The slim plus gorgeous neck with nato wood delivers better comfort and navigation for fingering. The product arrives with a unique gig bag, adjustable strap, and digital tuner.


  • Compact model delivering balanced tone.
  • Effortless durability and playability
  • Innovative and slim design for beginners
  • Lightweight guitar made with a combination of woods.

3. Ibanez Aw54ceopn Art Wood Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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Purchasing the art wood series of Ibanez is magic in the hands and a treat to the eyes. The 4*15*41 dimensions add compactness and comfort for the guitarist. The mahogany wood for the rear plus body adds beauty and an aesthetic look to the guitar.

Moreover, the fret material with rosewood renders a solid striking action. The strumming with an open-pore finish establishes a warm sound perfect for music sessions. The Ibanez comes in natural color with 4.5 pounds weight.


  • Consolidated plus lightweight guitar for beginners.
  • Bright and loud sound with softwood.
  • Slim neck for easy playing
  • Fine wood results in better durability.

4. Taylor Baby Taylor Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

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Guitarists looking for a distinctive look and incredible innovation choose Taylor baby Taylor dreadnought as an ideal choice. The body type comes with a three-quarter cutaway with top wood-bearing Hawaiin Koa and sides with a gorgeous Koa bracing pattern.

The Ebony neck wood portrays impeccable craftsmanship with a fantastic finish. The outstanding feature of Taylor guitars is their exciting versatility that gets you an articulate and crisp tone. Guitarists also find flat-picking and fingering style a cakewalk with Taylor acoustic guitars.


  • Durable and travel-worthy guitar
  • Renders excellent sound for proficient players
  • The dreadnought model with three-quarter size makes it compact.
  • Low battery signal and tuning are possible with LED displays.
  • Delivers clear and focused tones

5. Washburn Wd7s Harvest Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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The Washburn guitar series is an intelligent choice for witnessing works of art and value. The Washburn WD7S comes with a sturdy top body of Spruce and body material of Mahogany with an elegant look. The perfection in tone and model makes Washburn stand out from the rest of the low-action guitars. The dreadnought body style is an appropriate choice for beginners. The creamy body with satin gloss finish turns it classy.


  • The small neck makes it easy for beginners to play.
  • Die-cast tuners deliver exceptional sound quality.
  • It fits all genres and comes with superior versatility.
  • The spruce top supports large sound projection.

6. Cordoba 6 C5-Ce Cd Classical Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

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For guitarists looking for the best lightweight guitars, the Cordoba 6 C5-CE comes at 3.5 pounds, the best lightweight guitar. The incorporation of nylon strings helps with smooth playing for beginners.

The added cutaways with the built material of Mahogany at the rear and cedar for a solid top create powerful tones compared to other guitars. Either studio or stage, the presys II preamp amplifies signals the best. The C5-CE in traditional Spanish style gives itself an exclusive appearance.


  • Lightweight model appropriate for all genres
  • Soft-nylon strings equipped for beginners’ comfort
  • Powerful and clear tone with Maghony and cedar material
  • Resonant and cool sounds with 5 fan Torres style

7. Ovation Ce44-5 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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The Ovation CE44-5 acoustic guitar comes in a stunning black color that impresses the player. The overall build and design with mid-depth Lyrachord and the top owing solid Spruce make it the best instrument for guitarists.

The multi-sound hole pattern adds other gorgeousness by providing focused and clear highs. The unique facet of the instrument is the X bracing design that renders exceptional power.


  • Compact dimensions for extraordinary comfort
  • Impressive tones due to excellent craftsmanship
  • Fiberglass body material delivers good durability
  • The Spruce top material renders exceptional tone quality.
  • Rust-free and high-quality bronze strings

8. Moukey Acoustic Guitar

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While researching a perfect instrument for beginners, the Moukey series is undoubtedly the best. The product arrives with a gig bag, picks, tuner, chord poster, nylon strings, and more. Get your learning process quickly with nylon strings that don’t hurt the fingers.

The basswood body blending with perfect artistry gives the best tones as the player strums. Moreover, the dreadnought body is an added advantage that gives clear and warm tones, luring the audience.


  • Comfortable for teens and adults
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Best intonation with tuning pegs possible
  • Sturdy body made from basswood.

9. Jasmine S34c Nex

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The brilliant and trendy guitar is exceptional in orchestra style. The Venetian style cutaway renders graceful and well-balanced sound quality. The Jasmine S34C owes extraordinary features plus a classy look. The Sapele back and sides with advanced X bracing gives the sound quality upright perfection.

Moreover, the 251/2″ complete length plus slim neck allows for immense playability and comfort. The glossy satin finish is another facet that adds to the instrument’s loveliness. Chromic tuners and full-body binding add to optimal sound grade. The rosewood fingerboards that stand fully bound add the instrument to the top quality.


  • The construction establishes durability and the best quality.
  • The finish of the instrument makes it suitable plus gorgeous.
  • The light-weight instrument helps in hassle-free playing
  • The sturdy body renders the long life of the instrument.
  • Superior make and model delivers good sound tones.

Buying Guide

Though it’s muddling to choose the best low-action acoustic guitar, deep research into a few elements that help purchase the best acoustic guitar is adequate. Acoustic guitars owe more negligible string differences with the fretboard. These low-action guitars support the guitarist’s play for long hours without hurting the fingers.

Hence purchasing the best low-action acoustic guitar mandates concentrating on a few features as mentioned. Every part of the acoustic guitar adds to sound perfection, hence focussing on all parameters is essential. Glimpse through the buying guide and purchase the best low-action acoustic guitars effortlessly.

1. Body style

Source: guitariano.com

For better tonal emphasis and sound projection, the body style of acoustic guitars plays a significant role. The market is flooded with various sizes and shapes of these guitars. Small-sized guitars, dreadnoughts, and jumbos are the favorite choices of guitarists. The guitar size and shape determine playing comfort and tone quality. Moreover, the double-cutaway and single-cutaway designs offer an effortless entree to the upper fret.

2. Neck

The decision of fret size in guitars depends on the hand size of the players. The instrument’s body elects the width and thickness of frets and the number of frets. Generally, an acoustic guitar comes with 12 to 14 frets.

3. Bridge and Fingerboard

The material used for making the fingerboard and bridge also adds to the sound effect of the acoustic guitars. Hence concentrating on the fingerboard and bridge material is significant.

4. Tonewood

The mesmerizing sound in any acoustic guitar depends on the wood used. In that manner, Sitka spruce and spruce material are excellent materials that render exceptional tone quality from guitars. Guitars made from woods turn out to be costly such as rosewood guitars. However, guitar makers make exceptional sound quality guitars from alternative materials.

5. Electronics

Source: taylorguitars.com

The electronic factor is essential to fill the venue with fantastic guitar music. Many guitars come with a facility for preamplifiers and pickups for better sound range. Few guitars come with holes in the sidecut for mounting preamps. Henceforth, looking for amenities that help blend microphone, preamplifiers, tuners, EQ, etc., is an ideal choice.

6. Intonation

Guitarists mainly look for intonation when choosing an acoustic guitar. As the player moves up the neck, the notes should fall in tone. When the distances amongst the frets aren’t worthwhile, then playing the tune becomes unqualified. Hence, determining the distance amongst the frets for better tunes is essential.

7. Finish

The exceptional finish of guitars stays a prime factor that entices customers to purchase the product. Several finishes render the guitar a glossy, classic, or rustic look. For a better appearance and trendy look, the finish of guitars needs focus.

8. Top

The top of the guitar comes as either laminate or solid, which decides the tone quality of the guitar. Usually, the sounds produced by the strings travel through the body to the top for better amplification. Also, the wood incorporated for developing the top adds to the tone quality. The acoustic guitars are either laminate or solid ones. Multiple layers of wood are bound to make laminate acoustic guitars, whereas a single ply of two is used to make solid tops. Henceforth, deciding the sound quality depends on the top type of guitar.

9. Strings

Source: thaliacapos.com

The strings are decided based on the kind of music the guitarist plays. For mellow tones and soft music, nylon strings are used. Whether folk music, flamenco style, or classical, the nylon strings take up the role. Pop and rock musicians use steel strings for bright and louder tones. Making a note of the strings in the acoustic instrument helps in a better purchase.

The Bottom Line

When selecting the best acoustic guitars, considering every instrument part is mandatory. Every part the make adds to the sound quality and delivers the best music to the audience. A compact and comfortable guitar with effortless playing is what every beginner dreams. Proper research of the above parameters with personal preferences ensures purchasing the best low-action acoustic guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suggest the top brand for acoustic guitars?

The market is flooded with several top brands of acoustic instruments. The few top players are Taylor, Martin, Yamaha, Gibson, etc.

Are acoustic guitars costly?

No, acoustic guitars are budget-friendly. These guitars are available from $100 to $500. Hence low, budget guitars with exceptional sound quality are available.

Which size guitar is recommended?

It is better to go for a full-size guitar for 25 inches of the scale length. A small child should go for ¾ or ½-sized guitars. The size of the guitars decides the comfort of playing, and hence picking the appropriate size is essential.

Are regular and dreadnought guitars different?

Yes. Dreadnought guitars have a broad and ample body and are perfect for bands with a big sound. Regular guitars are best for solo playing.

Jumbo guitars are more significant than a dreadnought, is it true?

Yes. A jumbo guitar comes with a narrow waist but a more comprehensive body, pleasing to look. The dreadnought has a boxy body but a wider waist.

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