About Me

Welcome to Sessions Music! I’m Alex Sullivan, although you might know me better as DJ Nomad. Over the past decade, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to travel the globe, performing at some of the world’s most iconic festivals and clubs. From the electric nights in Ibiza to the pulsating beats of Tomorrowland, my journey as a DJ has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Music has always been my greatest passion. It’s a universal language that transcends borders and brings people together. Throughout my career, I’ve seen firsthand how a perfectly timed drop or a soulful melody can create unforgettable moments and memories. Music has the power to unite us, to make us feel alive, and to connect us in ways that words often can’t.

My career as DJ Nomad allowed me to experience the magic of music from a unique perspective. I’ve had the privilege of playing in front of diverse audiences, each with its own energy and vibe. These experiences have enriched my understanding of music and its profound impact on people’s lives. But as the years went by, I felt a growing desire to share more than just the music. I wanted to tell the stories behind the beats, the culture of the places I visited, and the evolution of the electronic music scene.

That’s why I created Sessions Music, my personal blog where I channel my love for music into words. Here, you’ll find a mix of everything I’m passionate about. From in-depth articles on the latest trends in EDM to gear reviews, artist interviews, and personal anecdotes from my years on the road, my goal is to inspire and connect with fellow music enthusiasts.

At Sessions Music, I strive to provide valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the electronic music world. Whether you’re a seasoned DJ looking for tips and inspiration, a newcomer eager to learn more about the craft, or simply a music lover who enjoys discovering new sounds, I hope my blog offers something for you. I believe that sharing our experiences and knowledge helps us grow as a community, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of music.

My journey as DJ Nomad may have started behind the decks, but it continues here with you. Thank you for joining me on this new adventure. Let’s keep the music alive, share our stories, and continue exploring the ever-evolving world of EDM together.

Stay tuned and keep the beats pumping!