Editorial Policy

Welcome to Sessions Music! I’m Alex Sullivan, and I’m committed to providing you with accurate, engaging, and transparent content that highlights the rich musical talent in Orange County and beyond. This editorial policy outlines the standards and practices that ensure our content is trustworthy, respectful, and enlightening.

Content Integrity

At Sessions Music, I uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity in all my work. My reviews, interviews, and articles are the result of thorough research, sound judgment, and fair assessment. I strive to provide honest and unbiased insights, ensuring that all information is factual and verifiable.

Sources and Attribution

The content on Sessions Music is based on credible sources, including direct interviews with artists, firsthand event coverage, and reliable industry insights. I am committed to accurate attribution and always credit my sources appropriately. Any borrowed content, quotes, or media are clearly attributed to their original creators.

Independence and Impartiality

While I am passionate about promoting local and global talent, I maintain editorial independence and do not allow external influences to affect my content. My reviews and articles are written without bias, and my opinions are not for sale. Any sponsored content or partnerships will be clearly disclosed, maintaining transparency with my readers.

Corrections and Transparency

I believe in accountability and transparency. If an error is made, I will correct it promptly and visibly. Corrections will be noted within the content and dated to ensure my readers have the most current and accurate information.

Engagement and Feedback

I value the voice of my community and encourage feedback on my content. Readers are invited to share their thoughts and suggestions through my contact channels. I am committed to engaging with my audience respectfully and constructively.

Diversity and Inclusion

My content reflects the diversity of the music scene in Orange County and beyond. I am committed to covering artists from all backgrounds and genres, ensuring a wide range of perspectives is represented. I stand against discrimination in any form and work to promote inclusivity in my coverage and workplace.

Review Process

I personally review all content before publication to ensure it meets my standards for quality and integrity. This includes a rigorous fact-checking process and editorial review that evaluates clarity, engagement, and adherence to my policy.

Continual Improvement

My editorial policy is reviewed annually to adapt to new challenges and ensure it remains effective and relevant. I am committed to continual improvement and innovation in my editorial practices to better serve my readers.

Thank you for being part of the Sessions Music community. Let’s keep the music alive and continue celebrating the amazing talent around us!