Houston Drum Lessons – It’s Time To Rethink Drum Lessons

Do you find yourself tapping on your desk or steering wheel every time a catchy song comes on? You have drummer in your veins. If your musical aspirations include playing drums, Sessions’ music programs and curriculum can help you achieve that dream through one-on-one drum lessons with our instructors, access to technology tools utilized by Sessions programs and curriculums, and use of Sessions’ instruments. Sessions Music is truly the best drum lessons in Houston.

Want to drum in a band? Our band program augments the skills learned in private drum lessons in a fun, group atmosphere! Our trained ‘band-mentors’ will guide you and your bandmates in how to play together and how to grow as musicians. Take the hassle of forming a band out of it and start playing in one today!

Students in Sessions drum lessons can learn to play any of the music offered in the Sessions music database, all of which falls under the genres of rock, country, classical, pop, and more!

drum lessons in houston

All Ages And Skill Levels

The Right Program and Teacher For You

We will match you to the right program, curriculum, and instructor for your age, style, and skill-level.

Customized Curriculum

Your Music, Your Goals, Your Music Education

Never again suffer through “Moonlight Sonata” when you want to be playing Billy Joel, or vice-versa.

Don’t Just Play, Perform

Get In The Game With Our Monthly Performances

We believe that music is meant to be performed. It also is a tangible achievement that motivates beginners.

About Drum Lessons

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Our drum lessons curriculum focuses on your unique interests, whether it’s Delta-blues, modern rock, or classical. Each student creates a customized educational plan with their instructor to focus on the music they love and achieve their uniquely desired goals.

Our customized curriculum is designed to utilize the music and styles you love to teach the foundations of musical technique and theory. Our goal is to keep things engaging and fun without sacrificing the development of a solid, musical foundation.

Come take a trial lesson to meet with an instructor and discuss your musical dreams and goals.

Music education has benefits for all-ages. We have the perfect program for students of all ages. Our private music education begins at age seven. We match our students to an instructor that specializing in their age and musical goals.

Whether the student is a young beginner or an adult looking to rekindle an old passion, we will work hard to make sure the program is engaging and comfortable.

Meet an instructor with a trial lesson and see the Sessions differences firsthand.

Both beginners and advanced players can benefit from private music instruction. Whether you are looking to gain a grasp on the basics or get to the next level, we have the perfect program and instructor for you. We encourage all skill levels to realize their goals by working with a Sessions instructor.

Sessions Music has three beautiful studios, in Memorial, West University/Bellaire, and Sugar Land. We chose these locations due to the clean, safe and modern environment as well as it being conveniently located and easy to access.

A state-of-the-art studio location to learn, practice and perform music is vital in our educational methodology. The Sessions studios consists of eight private music lesson rooms with Apple computers, instruments, wall-mounted flatscreens, audio recording equipment, video camera, music software and access to the Sessions online software and music library. In addition to the eight private music lesson rooms, we have two large music band rooms where we conduct group and band sessions.

Each of the band rooms contains an Apple computer, all instruments, PA system, extra large video screen, audio and video recording equipment and access to the Sessions online software and music library.

To emphasize our focus on student safety, we have installed a modern security camera system with cameras in each room as well as the public areas. These cameras are consistently recording so that should there ever be any concern, we have the ability to go back and review recordings.

Music education has been stuck in the dark ages. We have gone to great lengths to integrate technology anywhere possible. Our individual lesson rooms or large band rooms feature Apple computers hooked up to wall-mounted, large-screen monitors as well as audio and video recording equipment, security cameras and access to our online software and music library.

In addition to all of these features, our students have access to an online portal to communicate with their instructor during the week, share music and resources, and connect with the Sessions community.

Would you practice with a football team for months to not play a game? Or prepare a science fair presentation and not participate in the show? Of course you wouldn’t! At Sessions, we feel music is the same way. Performing is part of the fun!  That is why we provide, for all of our students, performance opportunities at Houston area theaters, venues, festivals and businesses. All performance opportunities are optional.

Some opportunities are by audition and are fantastic goals for our students to aspire too. We also host, an end of year performance open to all students, regardless of skill or age. This is called Sessions LIVE!

We don’t believe in contracts at Sessions and your program can be cancelled at any point with 30-days notice. We do require 30 day written notice for the sake of our instructors scheduling.