Red 3 Movie 2023 – Renewed or Canceled

The combination of action and comedy is hard to find in one movie, but it is definitely not impossible. If action-comedy is your favorite genre in movies then you must have very few favorites. Being a massive fan of action movies, RED is surely on the top of my favorite movie list. There is nothing one can complain about this superb movie. If you want to enjoy your weekend by watching an action thriller, then this is the perfect option for you. The movie is not only full of action but also loaded with humor. It can cheer you up for sure.

Currently, there are two parts of the movie that you can enjoy. Have you already watched both of them? You might be desperately waiting for the third part to hit the screen. The announcement made regarding the release of the second sequel by the makers of the movie prior to the release of the second part fueled the curiosity of the fans. Disappointingly even after nine years of the long wait, fans have not got any official release date from the makers. Here I have brought to you all you need to know about Red 3 Movie [2023], and whether it’s Renewed or canceled. Keep reading to find out.

Red 3 Movie [2023]: Renewed or canceled

Team Behind The RED Movie


The blockbuster movie, “RED” is one of the most renowned and famed movies of the previous decade. The team of the movie consists of the best in their respective fields. Whether it is the cast, direction team, production unit, or scriptwriters, every aspect of the movie fits perfectly in the whole puzzle of the picture. The writers of the script of this amazing movie are Jon Heober and Erich Hoeber. The idea of the movie is adapted from the graphical novel published by DC Comics and written by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner having the same title as the movie.

This movie is produced by Robert Shwentke, a German film director known for some of the best action-based movies. The movie is produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian. The music of the movie is composed by Christophe Beck. The movie was distributed among the Cinemas worldwide by Warner Bros Pictures. The first part of the movie was released on 15, October 2010, and the second part was launched on 19, July 2013. The first movie was a complete hit as it did a business of 199 million dollars whereas, the second part was able to do a business of 148.1 million dollars.

The Star Cast Of RED Movie

  1. The role of Frank Moses is played by Bruce Willis who is a retired CIA undercover agent that is forced to get back into action after a few unexpected events.
  2. The role of Marvin Boggs is portrayed by John Malkovich who is one of the main leads. He has really added humor to the whole film.
  3. The role of Victoria is played by Hellen Mirrin, she is a cold-hearted killer and a former agent.
  4. The character of Joe Matheson is played by Morgan Freeman, he is one of the members of Frank’s team.
  5. The role of Ivan Samanov is played by Brian Cox who is one of the former CIA agents.
  6. The role of Henry is played by Ernest Borgnine.
  7. The role of Sarah Ross is played by Mary-Loius Parker, who is the wife of Frank with whom he is living a happy life.

Is RED 3 Going To Hit The Screen Any Soon?

The makers had announced earlier to the release of the second part that RED 3 will be presented to the viewers soon. But unfortunately, the second movie was not as successful as the makers had in mind. The second part had earned fifty-one million dollars less than the first part. This decrease in the profit made the makers delay the project. The fans of the movie were all hyped up after the announcement of the release of the second sequel but were disheartened after it was canceled.

It has been almost nine years since the release of RED 2. The complete silence from the side of production and writers makes it seems like there is no chance that the viewers will be able to see the third part of this masterpiece any time soon. Nine years is quite a long time to wait for the sequel of any movie. Although a large number of fans are still desperately waiting for the release of the movie, it doesn’t seem to be happening soon.



Will there be a red 3?

No, currently there is no such news of a RED 3 movie to be launched any time soon. The release of the movie was announced before the launch of the second part because of the immense praise its first part received but unfortunately, the second part was not able to earn the targeted business as expected by the makers. This might be the main reason behind the cancellation of RED 3.


I hope that you know everything that you wanted to know about the Red 3 Movie [2023] and whether it’s Renewed or canceled. It’s been nine years since the announcement and the silence during this whole duration makes it obvious that there is no chance of the release of RED 3. The first two parts of the movie circled around how a group of retired CIA undercover agents reunite to protect each other from their own agency. The movie is loaded with action, music, fun, and humor.