8 Ideas of Fantastic Furniture from Old Musical Instruments in 2023

Furniture adds a unique touch of beauty to the design of your room, home, office, and space. Yet, many do not know that their musical tools can make unique furniture in their homes too.

The truth is, you can make furniture out of your repurposed musical instruments, and the results are always unique. It is not always about the function they perform that makes them excellent; it is how they complement the design and arrangement of your home that makes them more invaluable.

So, don’t throw away your old musical instruments yet, you may still find a suitable use for them. Thanks to creative thinkers, you have one more tool to add a finishing touch to your space. In this article, we are going to explore some of the best designs you can make use of, and see how they can inspire you to make the best out of your own musical set.

#1. Magical Horn

Clarinet light

Do you have a broken horn in your house? You don’t need to get rid of these horns. Mere looking at it, your mind will tell you there are some good things other than sound that can come out of the horn.

The good thing is, the use is not restricted to your home only, it can be used outside your home too. Do you have a flowerpot in your home? If you love keeping flowers, you can easily arrange them inside this horn, and hang them in a place that can be very visible. And since it has different parts that can be fastened to the wall or tied with a rope, hanging won’t be an issue. You can also keep it on your porch. Trust me; everyone will love it.

#2. Clarinet

Clarinet light

While your clarinet may not bring the sound you want out anymore, it can still light your home. The shape of the clarinets makes them perfect when it comes to repurposing. They have space inside when you can pass a wire through. They are also long enough to lift whatever you put on it to a reasonable height. And the base is something that can stand on a flat surface.

So, what use comes to your mind? Simple, you can use them as a lamp holder. Trust me; many will keep asking you where you got such an excellent lamp holder before they notice that you made that out of your damaged clarinet. What if the colour does not compliment that of the lamp or your home? You can easily paint it the way you like.

#3. Drum

chandelier made of old drums

Maybe you once had a band that made use of the drum, or you still have, and you replace your drum every year. There is a use for them too. Most drums come in the form of a circle, so you have other great things you can use them for.

I bet you must have seen a chandelier before; maybe you have one in your home. Well, your drum is another perfect option for designing your beautiful chandelier. You may combine two or three drums to make them look big, weld them together, and add those little bulbs that will make them light your home up in an instant. Hang them and see how people will admire them.

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#4. Drum once again


The things you can use your drum for are numerous. Instead of allowing them east up the space in your home, you can use them to save the little space you have in your home. I bet your library shelf is getting filled up already, and you are thinking of getting rid of some books. But the older a book is, the better it becomes.

So, why not turn your drum to a storage box? Maybe you would love to keep your musical books inside and arrange them in a well-organized manner. You can even divide it into two sections for better arrangement by adding a board in the centre.

#5. Guitar

Guitar flower pot

The guitar that produces those wonderful memories for you on the stage is no longer functioning. But that is not the end of the story. I have a use for that guitar in your house.

Do you love keeping small plans in your home? Plants like tender cactus, succulents, or small flower pots. You can turn your guitar to a plant shelf. And this is one of the easiest to do. All you simply need to do is to open the box and divide it into two sections. Hanging is not an issue; the guitar can rest on the wall or can be nailed to the wall. You can keep it on your porch or on your veranda, where people can quickly notice it when entering your home.

#6. Junk Gypsy Guitar

Gypsy Guitar jewelry case

Your gypsy guitar has been laying waste in your house, and you love the colour and the design. You don’t need to get rid of it just yet. It is perfect for designing your next jewellery case. The good thing about it is that it comes with enough space where you can keep all your jewelry, you can even hang some of them to make the arrangement more unique. The space is also sufficient for adding a mirror. So, you just do all your dressing up in front of your guitar, sorry, your jewellery case.

#7. Grand Piano

Grand Piano bookshelf

Having a piano in the house is one of the dreams of most music lovers. But maybe your own piano is damaged beyond repair; there is still a use for this piano. Don’t get rid of it yet. Do you have a bookshelf in your home? If you don’t, it’s time to get one already. The first step is to remove the stand of this piano so that it can sit directly on the floor. Next, you open the covering so that you can access the inside. With little carpentry skills, you can turn it into your new bookshelf.

#8. Piano Stand

Your grand piano stand is also very useful. More than what you are thinking. You can also easily turn it into a bookstand. You will, at first, need to remove all the accessories inside. Then if you wish to, you can paint it, add a reading lamp, move it to the edge of the wall where it can stand well as a home desk. You’re in such a way saving money.


These are just some of the ways you can repurpose your old musical instruments, and make them serve you more even after they can’t produce the unique sound you originally bought them for.