20 Noteworthy Benefits Of Playing A Musical Instrument – 2023 Guide

Playing a musical instrument will always be a thing of joy for those who can play. If we are to talk of advantages, then feeling the happiness and enjoying the feel should be the primary benefit that any instrumentalist would always appreciate.

As you know, people lose interest in a lot of things over time, and this is definitely the same for some instrumentalists. This article will help you reignite your passion and also help new learners to know why it is great to play a musical instrument.

20 Benefits Of Playing a Musical Instrument

There are vast numbers of benefits that come with playing a musical instrument, and we are going to be listing the 20 noteworthy benefits of playing a musical instrument.

1. Increased Productivity

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Playing instruments increases productivity effortlessly. This is because the art of playing will definitely give you time to focus on what matters at the time, which is playing. This will also create a form of discipline for you to focus on the essential things rather than get distracted.

2. Increased Creativity

Constant playing and practicing have a unique effect on your mind by increasing your creativity. You will be able to create your own sounds and relay your messages in the most unique way possible. Experimenting and trying out new things will also enhance your creativity.

3. Confidence Boost

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A lot of individuals suffer from low confidence in themselves and the ability they possess. However, if you are great at playing any musical instrument, it is going to be a good plus for you in terms of confidence-building.

The moment you get to perform and play in front of the audience or stage without fretting, you will continue to gain confidence in almost every area of your life.

4. Increased Mental Capacity

Mental capacities are well increased by playing music, and this has been well stressed over the years. Musical instrumentalists are known to really have fast thinking prowess. This is a result of the BDNF Synapsin I and CREB chemicals that is attributed to playing music or listening to one. These chemicals are released while you are creating sound or listening to one.

5. Social Life Enhancement

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A lot of times, you see instrumentalists hanging out with each other, making sounds, and having a good laugh. This is arguably one of the most important benefits of playing a musical instrument. This is because it brings you close to new people and you all get to exchange ideas while having fun.

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6. Memory Building

Music helps memory period! This statement has been backed by various researches, and it has since been established that it is true. An example is how you learn faster as a child when you sing the alphabet in songs. By learning and playing of instruments, your memory capacity will be enhanced for up to 34%.

7. It Keeps You Exercising

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Imagine how you play the pipe-organ or how you rock your bass guitars or how you play the drums. All of these will help keep you in shape because you have a good exercise by playing these instruments. Other instruments also help you to exercise and stay fit.

8. Stress Reduction

If you are an ardent lover of playing instruments or you just want to learn how to, it is essential that you know this is a form of reducing stress.

This works by just having to stop every other thing you are doing and playing an excellent sound to your ears. Immediately your body will adjust to the beautiful tune, and the stress level will drop because you are at the point doing what you like doing.

9. Creating Happiness For People

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For a fact, people love instrumentalists, and this is why they have so many fans. When people hear good music and good sound it immediately steers their emotions, and the body begins to release the happy hormone hence creating a positive vibe.

10. Improved Number Game

While counting your notes or trying to figure out the bars or keeping tabs on your notes, you are increasing your mathematical prowess. This is one of the best ways to keep your number game alive.

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11. Increased Time Management Skill

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Playing a musical instrument requires concentration and absolute discipline. All of these ingredients are needed to make you a better player. The quality of the time devoted to practicing and preparing is the one that teaches precision. Most instrumentalists having learned how to manage time when practicing eventually master the art in the long run.

12. Getting Patience

Anyone that can play an instrument or learn is definitely going to have the virtue of patience because it is a very tough task to learn how to play a musical instrument. Once you can stay till the end to perfect the learning process you are definitely learning a new lifestyle.

13. Determination

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As said above, it takes patience to get to know how to play a musical instrument, and this also works closely with determination. The frustration of having to memorize a lot of things while learning or having to deal with instructors can work one off, and the feeling to just drop it starts to crawl in. If you can beat this feeling then your determination level has increased, and you are a better person.

14. Building Mental Strength

It’s no longer news that music helps to get rid of weird feelings like depression, sadness, anxiety, stress, and variations of these things. The same goes for playing an instrument because they both fall in the same category. By getting rid of this feeling, you are consciously building your mental strength.

15. Gaining Knowledge

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Playing a musical instrument means a continuous learning process, and this will not stop for any instrumentalists. This process will enhance how well and fast you can learn new things as you continue to play.

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16. Having More Care And Responsibility

Musical instruments require proper care and monitoring, which means you have to always look after the instruments. This brings a sense of responsibility, and you will readily enhance your knack for care and responsibility.

17. Coordination

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Playing a musical instrument helps to increase hand-eye coordination. Your motor skills will definitely be improved as you play your desired musical instrument. You mostly have to move your hand and eye in a coordinated manner, and this will train your mind to effortlessly move the fingers and your eyes.

18. Extra Income

Instrumentalists are always needed for shows, live performances, and churches. All of these mean extra cash and this is one of the benefits of playing a musical instrument. You can even sign up on various websites that hire instrumentalists to add to your income.

19. Healthy Breathing

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Some instrument requires that you play them with your mouth. These instruments will readily help you enhance your breathing. These instruments are otherwise called wind instruments and they are really of great benefit to your respiratory tracts

20. Expressing Yourself

For instrumentalists, they find it easy to express themselves. This is what they have learned from training to play the instruments. Playing any instrument triggers emotions that touch the heart of the listeners while also making a significant impact on the feelings of the player. Hence the great benefit of expressing one’s self is put into play.