What Features Should a Beginner Look for in a Sampler?

What Qualities Should a Beginner Look for in a Sampler

When I first started with music production, choosing the right sampler made a huge difference in my creative process and overall experience. I looked for a sampler with user-friendly controls so I could quickly learn its features without getting overwhelmed. This is especially important if you’re just starting out and aren’t familiar with more complex … Read more

YouTube Music Playlist – How to Create It and Add Songs

How to Create and Add Songs to a YouTube Music Playlist

Creating playlists on YouTube is simple and enjoyable. Whether I’m compiling music tracks or organizing videos, YouTube’s flexibility allows me to curate and share playlists from any device that supports the platform. Here’s my guide for creating playlists using both the desktop and mobile versions of YouTube. I’ve included helpful tips and tricks to enhance … Read more