12 Best Guitar Amp Under $200 2023 – Complete Guide

When you’re looking for a new guitar amplifier, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Thankfully, several high-quality guitar amps under $200 can provide excellent sound quality on a tight budget.

While still affordable, these amplifiers contain much of the technology found in more costly amplifiers, allowing them to create clean tones at high levels.

Best Choice
Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amp for Acoustic Guitar, 40 Watts, with 2-Year Warranty 2x6.5 Inch...
Our Pick
Orange Amps Micro Terror 20W Guitar Amplifier Head Bundle with Vinyl Travel Bag, Blucoil 10-FT...
Price Pick
Line 6 Spider V 20 MKII
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Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 Modeling Instrument Guitar/Bass 40 Watt 12" Amplifier Amp
Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amp for Acoustic Guitar, 40 Watts, with 2-Year Warranty 2x6.5 Inch...
Orange Amps Micro Terror 20W Guitar Amplifier Head Bundle with Vinyl Travel Bag, Blucoil 10-FT...
Line 6 Spider V 20 MKII
Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 Modeling Instrument Guitar/Bass 40 Watt 12" Amplifier Amp
Best Choice
Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amp for Acoustic Guitar, 40 Watts, with 2-Year Warranty 2x6.5 Inch...
Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amp for Acoustic Guitar, 40 Watts, with 2-Year Warranty 2x6.5 Inch...
Our Pick
Orange Amps Micro Terror 20W Guitar Amplifier Head Bundle with Vinyl Travel Bag, Blucoil 10-FT...
Orange Amps Micro Terror 20W Guitar Amplifier Head Bundle with Vinyl Travel Bag, Blucoil 10-FT...
Price Pick
Line 6 Spider V 20 MKII
Line 6 Spider V 20 MKII
Don't Miss
Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 Modeling Instrument Guitar/Bass 40 Watt 12" Amplifier Amp
Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 Modeling Instrument Guitar/Bass 40 Watt 12" Amplifier Amp

We evaluated various factors that separate these amplifiers to help you locate the finest guitar amp under $200. First, we looked at each amp’s design – modeling, acoustic, tube, or a substantial amount of power it can produce.

Top Guitar Amplifiers Under $200 Reviews

1. Acoustasonic 40 By Fender


Fender’s 40-watt combo amp is mainly for acoustic guitars, with excellent clean tones and consistent sound quality. For many users, the fact that it includes two 1/4-inch and XLR inputs, allowing you to plug in either two guitars or a guitar and a microphone, sets it apart.

Both inputs feature their volume and tone controls, extending the amp’s ability for various instruments. Due to the availability of a single line-out connector, this amplifier may also be used to monitor a PA system or for audio recording.

Because it employs two 6.5-inch speakers rather than a single eight-inch speaker, the amp is a little bigger than typical amplifiers under $200. Despite this, customers said the amp was light and portable enough to travel between rehearsals and concerts with ease.


  • Acoustic guitar amplifier with a power output of 40 watts, ideal for small performances.
  • 2×6.5″ Special Design full-range Whizzer cone speakers with a great sound.
  • Allows for the use of an acoustic-electric guitar and a dynamic microphone.
  • Using the built-in 3-band EQ, you can shape your sound.
  • With digital hall reverb, you can add depth and richness.
  • Auxiliary input, XLR line output, and output through headphone output are all available.
  • Attractive brown textured vinyl covering in the antique style

2. Vypyr Peavey VIP 2

Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 Modeling Instrument Guitar/Bass 40 Watt


Peavey’s highly flexible guitar amp is intended to excel at a bit of everything. Not only does the amp include 36 onboard electric guitar models, but it also has six acoustic guitar models and six bass guitar versions.

Even better, the amp’s semi-enclosed back aids in the production of deep bass tones, and it can simultaneously play up to four effects. In addition, the built-in looper, which can be activated with a set of aftermarket pedals, was highly praised by users.

Users loved the 16 settings, but they were more pleased when discovering that they could connect the amp to a computer through USB and change the presets indefinitely. Peavey’s software may also be used to record through the USB connection.

Off the computer, the amp includes a manual mode that lets users change the tone and sound effects using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface, eliminating the need to guess at volume and sound quality.

However, despite all of this versatility, some users found it unexpectedly difficult to get a fundamental clean tone — Peavey prefers to focus on gritty electric guitar presets instead.

Because of the single eight-inch speaker, the amp is tiny and portable, and the 20-watt power level is more than enough for practice sessions and small performances. The headphone output may also be connected to a PA system, allowing this amp to be used in bigger settings.


  • Acceptable tones.
  • Lightweight and small.
  • It is infinitely customizable. Useful features.

3. Fender Champion 40


This amp is simple to operate and contains several digital FX settings, including reverb and delay. The Champion is equipped with a single 12-inch speaker and 40 watts of pure Fender power.

The controls are simple to use, and there are extra amp voice options to dial in the sound you desire. This is an excellent practice amp or an economic gig amp. Vintage British amp voicings are available, as well as more contemporary reproductions.

It’s a two-channel, single-input amplifier with a footswitch for channel selection. Clean and overdrive are the two channels. The gain and overall overdrive sound are identical to what Fender has become known for.

The Champion includes a headphone input jack and an Auxiliary input, in addition to lots of power and sound flexibility. You can connect to any MP3 player, smartphone, or portable audio device via the AUX input and start grooving to your favorite tunes in no time.

The open-back cabinet provides extra space for cables and other accessories. This is one of the best guitar amps under 200 for beginners, practicing jam sessions and short performances.


  • 40-watt solid-state combo amplifier with 1 x 12″ speaker “Special Design speaker by Fender
  • two channels – Blackface clean amp with adjustable gain 1 x 1/4″ instrument input, 1 x 1/8″ stereo aux input with a media player, 1 x 1/8″ headphone jack “3.5mm stereo headphone jack
  • Reverb, delay/echo, chorus, tremolo, Vibratone, and more effects are available.
  • The Tap button Footswitch input may be used to adjust the delay time and tremolo speed.

4. Amplifier Pignose 7-300 HOG-30

Pignose 7-300 HOG-30 Amplifier


This is a tough little amp with enough power to make you squeal that can go anywhere. The HOG-30 has its own internal battery power supply, which allows you to play for 6 to 10 hours before recharging.

The batteries are also recharged anytime the AC power supply is plugged into a wall socket. So you can set it up on a street corner and start playing without having to worry about how long an extension cord would be required.

A quirky little porker with an 8-inch speaker and 30 watts of power. It also comes with a volume and tone control knob and a “squeal” overdrive control knob. The sound is evident and amicable.

The overdriven sound squeals, but not to the point of being obnoxious. There are also two instrument input ports and a headphone jack. So when you’re out entertaining at a busy street festival or flea market, bring a companion.

The HOG-30 appears as it came straight out of the 1970s, with its reddish-brown vinyl covering and bulbous, pig nose speaker frame. It’s easy to move because the structure is robust and durable.

This amp is ideal for training or improving your street performer skills. The Pignose HOG-30 will have you giggling like a pig in… well, you know what I mean.


  • AC/battery powered
  • When you plug it in, it recharges.
  • On a single charge, you can use it for 6-10 hours.
  • 8″ heavy-duty speaker
  • 30W
  • Overdrive squeal
  • 2 instrument inputs and a 3-band EQ
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Included is an adapter/recharging cord.

5. Fender Mustang LT25


This Fender combo modeling amp is ideal for musicians on a shoestring budget who desire the sound quality of a $200 amp. The amp features 17 amp models with a wide range of sounds, giving it a fantastic place to start for any music.

Better still, the amp can be fully modified in manual mode or via the USB connection on your computer to alter the fundamental amp models entirely. This amp can also be used as a recording studio, thanks to the included software.

However, the inclusion of Fender’s FUSE software is both a benefit and a downside of this amplifier. While the FUSE software expands the variety of options for this amplifier, it also makes it tough to operate without returning it to your computer frequently.

In addition, the amp’s settings are somewhat restricted, and there’s no ability to blend effects in addition to the amp model tones you’ve built.

This amp has a unique function that allows you to play along with your favorite songs, making it ideal for beginners. Auxiliary input jack also can be used to connect your MP3 player to the amp and play your guitar while listening to your favorite song.in the same way


  • 1×8″ Speaker, 25W Modeling Amp, 18 Amp Models, and 37 Effects
  • Onboard Headphones with Chromatic Tuner Auxiliary Input Output
  • USB compatibility
  • Ableton Live 8 Fender Edition is included.
  • 15-pound weight

6. Line 6’s Spider V 20 MK ll

Line 6 Spider V 20 MKII


You’ll be weaving a variety of sounds with the Line 6 Spider’s myriad of effect models. This amp can do it all, with three times the number of presets as comparable amps in its class.

In addition, there are over 200 different amps, cabinets, and effects to choose from, allowing you to perform any musical genre while dialing in the right tone.

Finally, the amp comes with 128 professionally crafted custom presets based on classic tunes, Artist profiles, and Line 6 original setups. You’d be excused if you mistook these replicas for the genuine thing.

There’s a built-in tuner, metronome, and even drum loops, in addition to the 200 effect types. There’s also a specific volume control for headphones, so you can keep the amp quiet while still getting a full sound in your ears.

Basically, it’s everything you’ll ever need in one package…A full-range speaker system is also included.

What does this mean?

It means you may use this amp for electric and acoustic guitars, as well as for listening to music and viewing movies at home. A genuinely versatile amp that can be customized to match any sonic amplification requirement.


  • 20W 1×8″ Guitar Modeling Amp
  • More than 200 Amp, Cab, and FX Processes
  • There are 120+ factory presets, and 4 user presets.
  • Tone controls and 8 FX

7. Orange Amps Micro Dark 20W

Orange Amps Micro Terror 20W Guitar Amplifier Head Bundle with Vinyl Travel Bag


Expect to pay more than $200 for a comprehensive sound system because this hybrid amplifier head isn’t a complete amplifier in and of itself.

On the other hand, this amp head allows you to use a variety of cabinets and even build an amp stack for more advanced sound customization and medium-sized venue performance. The amp head is also tiny and comes with a simple metal bracket for easy transportation.

The high gain makes this head stand out, and it has a 12AX7 preamp tube for a dark, warm tone with just a hint of genuine distortion. Because of the dark, gritty tone it produces, many users have reported utilizing this head for metal and punk music.

Users praised the controls for being extremely simple to use and providing a wide range of tone and loudness in a compact size.

However, users also said the head was much louder than its 20-watt power rating suggests, and they were amazed that it made very little noise even at the highest gain and volume levels. Still, you will not want to use this head for a bass guitar because of its low overall power.

The only complaint customers have about this amp head is that it lacks a built-in reverb function. But, on the other hand, the head can accept an effects loop so that you can add reverb to your sound that way.


  • Metal-oriented hybrid amplifier head with a power output of 20 watts.
  • The hybrid tube preamp and solid-state power amp provide 20 watts of power.
  • Controls for shape and gain range from country clean to brutal high gain.
  • The amp weighs less than 3 pounds and is just 5.31 inches tall. It has 20 watts of power, which is plenty for practice, rehearsals, and specific concerts.
  • Control arrangement is simple.

8. FLY3 Blackstar Guitar Combo Amplifier

Blackstar FLY 3 Bass Combo Amplifier Bundle with Guitar Cable


A genuine battery-powered small guitar amplifier. The Blackstar is equipped with the most up-to-date compact sound technology. This is a portable speaker as well as a guitar amplifier.

You can plug in a DC adapter when you aren’t using it if you use rechargeable batteries. This amp’s small size conceals a powerful tone. In addition, the unique Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) maintains the tone clear and the signal rich even at low volume levels.

It has a superb digital “tape” delay effect that enhances resonance and adds extra dimensions to the sound of your guitar. Warm and bitey overdriven tones are provided via a separate gain control knob.

The Line IN/MP3 connection allows you to connect the Blackstar to your computer, laptop, or mobile device and utilize it as a speaker to play along with your favorite tunes. It also has a headphone port for those times when you need to practice quietly.

Finally, don’t get confused about its little stature; the Blackstar FLY3 is more than capable of putting on a show.


  • 3 Watt Mini Guitar Amplifier
  • There are two channels: clean and overdrive.
  • ISF with a patent (Infinite Shape Feature)
  • Delay impact on digital ‘tape.’
  • Line / MP3 If you like jamming or listening to music, here is the place to be.
  • Line Out Simulator for silent practice or recording
  • A 3″ speaker produces authentic Blackstar tones.
  • Battery or DC-powered Exceptional acoustic performance.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve learned about the finest guitar amps under $200, several more points are to make. Check for these factors while purchasing a guitar amp for yourself.

best guitar amp under $200
Source: ganatunes.com

Make your choice based on the wattage you need

Before you purchase an amp, check if the wattage is more than enough for your practice and performance or not. If it doesn’t, then don’t buy it. Instead, find another amplifier that gives you a higher wattage.

For example, the wattage of guitar amplifiers generally varies from 10 to 800 watts.

Sound quality

Sound quality You’ll need an amplifier that has a sound quality you like. It’s good if the amp is adjustable because then you can fine-tune it according to your preferences. Even if it does not adjust, don’t worry; you can still make some adjustments yourself to suit your taste.

Resale value

Resale value is essential if you want to buy a good amplifier and sell it later because you purchased a better one. However, the resale value varies from brand to brand; research on this and try to find out the websites selling the spare parts of your desired amplifier. Ask them for their rates too.

Size of speakers

One of the most critical factors is to check the speakers. The size of speakers varies from 2-18 inches, and then there are combo amps too which usually have 12-inch speakers. If you want to play at home, it’s good if your amp has a headphone jack (1/4″ – 1/8″).


best guitar amp under $200
Source: nme.com

What Fender amp is the most sought after?

In 1952, Fender released the Bassman amplifier. It is still a highly sought-after amp for guitarists that like vintage gear over 70 years later. Surprisingly, it was designed for bassists (hence the name).

The bassman is perhaps the most popular amp among guitar legends of all the amps on our list.

Is it true that Fender amplifiers are good?

Even though it’s heavy and loud, it’s still one of the best guitar amps under 200 gigging amplifiers ever! Fender Princeton recording amps are fantastic! They’re loud enough for performances at 15 watts, but they shine in the studio.

Fender Bassman: One of the most excellent amps for electric guitars is still Fender’s most-loved bass amp!

Can Fender amps handle a lot of gains?

Fender Tube Amps aren’t suitable for metal since they have a lot of ‘headroom.’ Second, Fender amplifiers are voiced to produce transparent tones, which is why clean guitar tones are preferred over high-gain metal tones.


An amplifier’s structure is about far more than just longevity; it’s also one of the most significant sound quality factors. The thinner the amplifier’s design, the more likely it will vibrate, resulting in undesirable tone distortion.

Amplifiers with less than half-inch casing are prone to this type of distortion; however, many cheap amplifiers fall somewhere in the middle.

Take a look at the following list:

Positive Grid Spark 40-Watt Combo Practice Guitar Amplifier Electric Bass and Acoustic Guitar Amp...
  • Smart Jam learns your style and feel, generating authentic bass and drums to accompany you
  • Access to 50,000+ amp-and-FX presets on ToneCloud, powered by PositiveGrid’s BIAS realistic virtual tube amps and effects for Guitar, Acoustic or...
  • Import your music from Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube and Spark’s smart app will auto display the guitar chords in real time
  • Powerhouse 40 Watt combo includes onboard tone stack controls, effects, tone starter preset programs, a built-in tuner, tap tempo and more
  • Use Spark as a USB audio interface to record with your favorite DAW or recording software.
Leo Jaymz 20W Electric Guitar Amplifier - Clean and Distortion Channel - 3 Band Equalization and CD...
  • 20W electric guitar amplifier with crunch and clean channel.
  • Very soft but solid fixing and comfortable handle, leather surface.
  • 3 Band Equalization and CD audio line and AUX 6.5mm input jack.
  • Input voltage: 110-130V, 50/60Hz
Sawtooth 10-Watt Electric Guitar Amp
  • Power Requirements & Consumption: 120VAC, 60Hz
  • Total Output Power (RMS): 10W RMS @ 4Ω
  • Speaker: 6.5”
  • Controls: Volume, Gain, Drive; Master EQ: Treble, Middle, Bass
  • Jacks: Input- 6.35 MONO JACK, Headphones- 6.35 STEREO JACK
Fishman Loudbox Artist BT 120-Watt 1x8 Inches Acoustic Combo Amp with Tweeter Bluetooth
  • 2-channel Acoustic Guitar/Vocal Amplifier with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Feedback Suppression
  • Built-in Effects
  • Phantom Power
  • Effects Loop
FLAMMA FA05 Electric Guitar Amplifier Combo Guitar Amp 5 Watt Support Bluetooth Headphone 7 Preamp...
  • 7 PREAMP TYPES: Clean1, Clean2, Overdrive 1, Overdrive 2, Crunch, Lead, Rhythm based on popular guitar amplifiers.
  • Built-in Modulation, Delay and Reverb, and Chorus effects with independent tap tempo controls.
  • Bluetooth connection and stereo headphone output.
  • 40 types of drum machine, precision tuner.
  • Support both DC 9V power supply and AA Battery*6( Not Included). ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE.
MOOER Guitar Amplifier Combo 15W, Practice Electric Guitar Amp with 9 Digital Amp Models, 6.5"...
  • 9 high quality digital amp models based on popular guitar amplifiers
  • Built in Modulation,Delay and Reverb effects with independent tap tempo for each 2 modes of operation(Live/Preset)
  • Store and recall up to 9 presents,Highly sensitive precision tuner
  • Wireless BT connectivity and AUX IN for media playback
  • Dedicated headphones output,6.5-inch custom speaker, 15W RMS,DC18V 2000mA centre pin negative
Orange Amps Electric Guitar Power Amplifier, (Crush12)
  • 12 watt
  • 6 inches speaker
  • Dual gain controls
  • 3 band EQ
  • Master volume
Boss Katana-50 MkII 1 x 12-inch 50-watt Combo Amp
  • 50/25/0.5W 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier with 5 Amp Voicings
  • Cab-emulated Headphone/Recd Output
  • 4 Tone Slots
  • 60 Effects
  • USB