9 Best Volume Pedal 2023 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Anyone who decides to take up the electric guitar will instantly get hooked on all the pedals, gears, and other instruments.

Although some might prefer multi-effects processors or modeling amps, creating amazing music by controlling pedals has evolved into a discipline all by itself.

Good Pick
Ernie Ball VP JR 25K Volume Pedal, For Active Signals (P06181)
Don't Miss
Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 Classic Wah Pedal w/2 FREE Patch Cables
Best Overall
Boss FV-500H Foot Volume Pedal - High Impedance
Also Consider
Ernie Ball MVP Most Valuable Pedal (P06182)
Ernie Ball VP JR 25K Volume Pedal, For Active Signals (P06181)
Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 Classic Wah Pedal w/2 FREE Patch Cables
Boss FV-500H Foot Volume Pedal - High Impedance
Ernie Ball MVP Most Valuable Pedal (P06182)
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Good Pick
Ernie Ball VP JR 25K Volume Pedal, For Active Signals (P06181)
Ernie Ball VP JR 25K Volume Pedal, For Active Signals (P06181)
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 Classic Wah Pedal w/2 FREE Patch Cables
Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 Classic Wah Pedal w/2 FREE Patch Cables
Amazon Prime
Best Overall
Boss FV-500H Foot Volume Pedal - High Impedance
Boss FV-500H Foot Volume Pedal - High Impedance
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Ernie Ball MVP Most Valuable Pedal (P06182)
Ernie Ball MVP Most Valuable Pedal (P06182)
Amazon Prime

Expression pedals are essential tools for guitar use that offer players the ability to create new tones.

We all know that the quality of the tone and the expressive capabilities are among the main features we enjoy about electric guitars which is why we have written this extensive article covering the best volume pedals in 2023.

Top Picks Volume Pedals on the Market

1. Ernie Ball VP JR

Ernie Ball 6181 Junior Size Volume Pedal-MonoCTA

This pedal is among the most well-constructed controls for volume and expression in the market today. In addition, it was designed to work in conjunction with active pickups perfectly.

With this particular piece, you’ll discover that it can get a very smooth operation while playing the guitar. Moreover, it will give you immediate feedback from the stompbox with no delays.

It gives a very seamless transition from no audio to full, and can seamlessly switch between lead and rhythm volume.

The feature that’s perhaps the most beneficial on this model is the tuner’s output. By connecting a 1/4 inch wire from a tuner’s input to the output of the tuner, it is possible to keep your tuner running all the time.

In addition, it allows you to re-tune your device discreetly after you drop an amazing shred on your fans.

This method is the most effective option when performing; however, it is an equally useful option during a private practice session or a jam session in the bedroom.

The pedal also comes with an adjustment knob that allows the user to change it from a long sweep to an abrupt swell. In contrast, it is great as a master volume pedal for those who want to use it specifically for swells.

This instrument is constructed especially with nonlinear sweeping. This allows for Swells that are less mechanical and more pleasing to the ears.


  • Highly Affordable.
  • Fantastic audio quality.
  • Compact design.
  • Nonlinear sweeps are convenient because they’re nonlinear.

2. Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 Classic

Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 Classic Wah Pedal


This iconic piece of gear is among the most famous guitar effects pedals ever created. It was originally designed in 1966 by the Thomas Organ Company, which transferred the rights to Dunlop. Dunlop implemented a great design and made it more appealing to players.

While you can purchase this pedal in its original design, there are tons of varieties and options that offer distinct characteristics. But even if the material and the finish are different, they still have an identical pedal at their most fundamental level.

The first thing you notice right after pulling the Dunlop GCB95 out of its box is the quality of the construction. In simple terms, It’s a beast.

Die-cast heavy-duty metal components everywhere guarantee that you will be able to utilize this pedal for endless hours without having to worry about its durability.

The Dunlop DVP1 volume pedal offers a different appearance and provides more versatility.


  • User-friendly.
  • Small and easily movable.
  • Fantastic sound quality.
  • 100k ohm Hot Potz potentiometer.
  • High-quality build.

3. Ernie Ball MVP


The Ernie Ball MVP offers dynamic sound. Volume control can be adjusted up to 20 decibels which leads to an impressive lead level. Gain levels are also adjustable according to the player’s requirements.

Due to its noise cancellation capability, it eliminates feedback and almost any kind of diffusion of sound that can reduce the sound quality. As a result, it can be loud without sacrificing any of the clarity required for the most advanced players.

The price is among the best in the rankings. Eliminating high shipping costs and considering that the pedal will last you for a long time, the Ernie Ball MVP offers an amazing price value.

The majority of reviewers agree that the endurance that comes with this Ernie Ball MVP volume pedal makes it an option that can last you for several loud tours.

It can survive the usual degree of wear and tear but rest assured, it will not require replacement for a long time after you purchase it. In addition, it comes with a warranty to cover any damage that may occur from a manufacturing error.

Having insurance is always a great choice when it comes down to musical equipment.


  • Solid construction and noise-free.
  • It weighs just 2.66 pounds.
  • Adjustable minimum volume control.
  • Increased up to +20dB for high-quality lead levels.
  • No loss of high frequency regardless of volume.
  • Works with passive and active audio signals.
  • Ultra-smooth foot sweep for ideal volume control.

4. BOSS FV500H Volume Pedal – Overall Best volume pedal

BOSS Volume Pedal


BOSS FV-500H pedal comes with a rubber surface for comfortable non-slip movement and play. Its strength and weight are ideal to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty music sessions.

What’s more, is that it can be a particularly excellent option for experienced drummers and guitar players.

Its most notable characteristic is its ease of use. Users who have used the BOSS pedal have found it to be easy to use for pickups. It comes with a simple installation system and it is easy to connect and play immediately. For novices, this could help in getting up and running quickly.

It does not have a tone suck, which makes it more user-friendly. It preserves the tone and volume of the music played. In addition, the resistance of the pedal is easily adjustable.

This pedal could be an excellent option for drummers looking for additional convenience with ease of movement.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum die-casting body.
  • Maximum comfort and control.
  • Usage of non-slip and comfortable rubber.
  • Expression pedal function.
  • Convenient tuner-output jack.
  • Adjustable pedal feel (torque).

5. Dunlop DVP3 Volume(X) DVP3

Jim Dunlop Volume (X) Pedal Guitar Effects Pedal (DVP3)


The Dunlop DVP3 offers great control of volume and stability. It is a great option while you are on the road all the time. The DVP3 is equipped with a strong non-slip tread. Patent-pending Band Drive creates smooth ranges of motion with the consistent operation.

It arrives with a tensioner that allows simple tension adjustments. In addition, if you’re using the DVP3, it has an internal switch that lets you switch between the heel-down position to the toe-down position.

So, in the end, if you’re searching for a pedal that you can customize to meet your requirements, this model is perfect for you.

When you use the DVP3 as an expression pedal, you’re able to use the internal pot to set the minimum amount of the parameter you’re controlling by rocking it.

You can easily reverse the toe-down and heel-down positions whenever you want. The DVP3 comes with an inside switch that permits you to do exactly this.


  • Smooth, quiet operation.
  • The rocker pedal tension is fully adjustable.
  • Internal controls to change parameters and toe-down/heel-down position.
  • Aluminum chassis.
  • Aggressive non-slip tread.
  • Patent-pending Band Drive.

Buying Guide

Best Volume Pedal
Source: tonetopics.com

It is essential to select an appropriate pedal for your equipment as well as your feet. Many players have had frustrating experiences with incompatible pedals which is why choosing the right pedal is so necessary.

In this buyer’s guide, we will compare several factors that you need to look out for when purchasing the best volume pedal in 2023 for yourself.

The Pedal Cables

You should select a pedal that has all the cables and ports you need which allows you to connect directly to the instrument once you’re prepared.

While it’s easy to connect the pedals without the cables if you have technical help, it’s just much easier to connect when you have the necessary cables included with the pedal.

Decide what types of cables you prefer the most – you can opt for a pedal with the most reliability, or you can opt for a pedal with a larger length.

The Pedal Extras

The extras for the pedal you’ve selected can include an amplifier, and you’ll find it very easy to add sound effects if you require them. Conversely, you can choose a pedal that is not equipped with these effects and only alter the volume when you are playing your guitar.

You can choose any pedal that performs the tasks you want it to accomplish, and you’ll find that there are numerous great pedals that do their job reasonably well.

These pedals are enjoyable to play with, and you can switch the knobs at any time. These settings can adjust the sound effects you want in your instrument to a significant degree.

Even you might not be aware of these settings and knobs change your output sound until you hear them out.


Best Volume Pedal
Source: guitarsguy.com

The longevity of any pedal depends on the company that makes it and is clearly shown by its reviews on the internet. There are several reviews out there that clearly state which models are better for long-term and heavy use and which models aren’t.

Evaluating how durable a pedal is crucial because many companies cheap out on durability in order to decrease their budget costs – something that you as a buyer definitely need to avoid.

A reliable pedal will easily last you for years to come without any significant problem. In addition, they are much simpler to operate because they function exactly as they first came out of the box.

You’ll save yourself a great time if you are confident that your pedal is going to continue to function as it did when it first came out.

You can be assured that when you put pedals like these in your guitar, you can get sound and volume control exactly the way you wanted it. It’s simple to plug it into your guitar at any time, and there is a minimal chance that the plug that connects to the pedal will be damaged.

You can use a range of volume pedals to make your guitar sound amazing, and you can select the one you like from this list at any point.

You should make sure that the pedal you choose meets all your requirements during your playing session, and you’ll find that there are plenty of options for you to use.

All of these options sound great when you connect them to your instrument. You can move the pedal in the right place to ensure that your guitar sounds as it should.

You have to be in proper control of your sound while performing, so you can play any of them once you’re ready to test them out for their durability.


Best Volume Pedal
Source: tonetopics.com

Where do I install the volume pedal on the signal chain?

The place you put the volume pedal is contingent on the goal you’re trying to accomplish. For example, if you’re only trying to control the volume of your guitar’s signal, then you should place the volume pedal near the beginning of the signal chain.

However, if you wish to regulate the volume after all the changes have been made to your guitar, put your volume pedal towards the final point of your chain.

Do you have the ability to make use of an expression pedal and volume pedal?

The expression pedal is utilized to regulate the volume so, in essence, all volume pedals are expression pedals.

However, it’s crucial to remember that you’ll need to create the guitar’s tone as well, which is only possible with expression pedals. That’s why you will need the expression and volume pedal both for playing your favorite guitar or drums.

Can I utilize a volume control alongside other instruments?

Yes, the volume pedal can be used for any instrument that comes with an output signal connector and adjustable volume control. They are often used on electric basses and keyboards when they aren’t used for guitars.


There were a lot of details regarding the volume pedal, and we’re very sure that you won’t find it a hassle to buy a perfect volume pedal for yourself. All listed up there are solidly built, and durability will never be an issue.

With an astonishing 94% success rate on Amazon and 600+ customer reviews, Ernie Ball MVP stays at its spot for the best Volume pedal for 2023, as this pedal hardly lets you complain about a thing! Wait no more in checking its price on Amazon and grab one for yourself.

If this wasn’t enough for you, take a look at the following list to find more interesting Volume pedals:

Morley 20/20 Power Wah Volume Pedal
  • Combo Wah & Volume Pedal
  • Pedalboard Friendly Sized: 6.85″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Premium Morley Buffer That Protects Your Tone
  • Optical Circuitry That Won't Wear Down Like a Potentiometer
  • Smooth Audio Taper Volume Control
MORLEY 20/20 Volume Plus
  • Optical Circuitry That Won't Wear Down Like a Potentiometer
  • Pedalboard Friendly Sized: 6.85″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Minimum Volume Control
  • Smooth Audio Taper Ideal for Swells
  • Made in the USA
Hotone Volume Expression 2 in 1 Guitar Effects Pedal Passive EXP Ampero Press Guitar Pedal
  • Passive Volume /Expression guitar pedal Control 2 functions in 1 Pedal
  • High Quality Potentiometer ensures Precise Response and Long Life
  • Passive Design - No Power Supply needed
  • Independent Volume and Expression guitar pedal Output Jacks
  • Works with aWorks with a variety of Instruments and Devices variety of Instruments and Multi effects pedal/guitar pedals
SONICAKE VolWah Active Volume & Wah Pedal
  • 100% Analog Volume/Wah 2 in 1 Pedal with a lightweight casing but yet truly Robust and Well-Built
  • Active Volume Control can keep away from Impedance Mismatch Troubles
  • Style Vintage Wah Sound
  • Switch between Volume & Wah by the hidden Footswitch
  • Two LED light shows the working state of the pedal, indicating which mode the pedal is engaged with(Power Adapter NOT included)
Boss FV-50L Stereo Volume
  • Low-impedance FV-50L enables direct control of stereo keyboards and stereo effects units
  • Minimum Volume knob lets users set minimum volume as desired
  • Convenient Tuner Out jack enables speedy tuning on stage
  • The low-impedance FV-50L is a stereo volume pedal that can be used for a wide variety of purposes including keyboards. The high-impedance FV-50H is...
VALETON EP-2 Passive Volume & Expression Guitar Bass Keyboard Synth Synthesizer Workstation EXP...
  • Passive Volume Control/Expression Control 2 functions in 1 Pedal
  • Automatically Detect the Functionality (Volume or EXP Control)
  • Working with Guiar, Bass, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Workstation, Controller, etc.
  • Working without Battery or Pedal Power Supply
  • Lightweight & Comact Design for easily Taking it Anywhere
Boss FV-500H Foot Volume Pedal - High Impedance
  • High-impedance Volume/Expression Pedal for Guitar or Other High-Impedance Instruments
  • Expression pedal function
  • Heavy-duty aluminum die casting body
  • Adjustable pedal feel (torque)
Sustain Pedal, for Keyboard Piano Pedal Universal Foot Pedal with Polarity Switch Non-Slip Pedal,...
  • 【IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE】 - Featuring the kind of soft resistance, a full-sized piano pedal gives, this substain pedal feels just like playing an...
  • 【UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY】 - 6 feet cable with 1/4 inch plug, classic universal sustain pedal with polarity switch for compatibility with all...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】- Chrome plated metal pedal, this M-Audio Sustain Pedal is built around a heavy-duty mechanism that makes it long lasting and...
  • 【Switchable Polarity】- Improve the sound of keyboard playing, give you realistic feeling sustain for an electric piano.
  • 【Non-slip Rubber Base】 - Non-slip floor space / Rubberized Stands for protection and nice feel underfoot with enough resistance. Slip-resistant...
Hotone Wah Active Volume Passive Expression Guitar Effects Pedal Switchable Soul Press II 4 in 1...
  • 100% Analog Guitar Volume/Wah/Expression Pedal, Switchable Volume/Wah control by the Footswitch
  • Classic Wah-Wah Tone with WARM & CLASSIC Range Guitar Pedal, Q & TONE controls
  • Active Volume Control for Keeping Lossless Tone Guitar Effects Pedal
  • LEDs shows Guitar pedal status in real time
  • True Bypass, Independent EXP Out and Tuner Out, 9V DC or 9V Battery Power Supply(Not Incl)
SONICAKE Vexpress Passive Volume & Expression EXP Pedal
  • Passive Volume Control/Expression Control 2 functions in 1 Pedal
  • Automatically Detect the Functionality (Volume or EXP Control)
  • Working with Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Workstation, Controller, etc.
  • Working without Battery or Pedal Power Supply
  • Lightweight & Comact Design for easily Taking it Anywhere