9 Best Trombone Mouthpiece For High Notes 2023 – Buying Guide

The mouthpiece is one very important part of every trombone. The instrument is almost not functional without the mouthpiece.

Editor's Pick
Yamaha YAC Signature Series Douglas Yeo Bass Trombone Mouthpiece with Gold-Plated Rim/Cup
Good Choice
Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL
Don't Miss
BACH Trombone Mouthpiece (3505G)
Also Consider
Schilke Standard Series Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece in Silver 51D Silver
Yamaha YAC Signature Series Douglas Yeo Bass Trombone Mouthpiece with Gold-Plated Rim/Cup
Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL
BACH Trombone Mouthpiece (3505G)
Schilke Standard Series Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece in Silver 51D Silver
Editor's Pick
Yamaha YAC Signature Series Douglas Yeo Bass Trombone Mouthpiece with Gold-Plated Rim/Cup
Yamaha YAC Signature Series Douglas Yeo Bass Trombone Mouthpiece with Gold-Plated Rim/Cup
Good Choice
Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL
Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL
Don't Miss
BACH Trombone Mouthpiece (3505G)
BACH Trombone Mouthpiece (3505G)
Also Consider
Schilke Standard Series Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece in Silver 51D Silver
Schilke Standard Series Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece in Silver 51D Silver

However, as a trombone owner, there will be a need for you to shop for a mouthpiece and during this process, you will find out that there are a number of mouthpieces to choose from in the market. This may strike the tone of confusion and you begin to wonder which one to choose or which of the mouthpieces will suit you best in terms of making high notes.

Stress no further as we have come up with this article to help you in the process of choosing the best trombone mouthpiece for high notes.

Criteria For Choosing Trombone Mouthpiece For High Notes

Since there are various brands of trombone mouthpieces in the market it is only safe to know what to consider before you go on to buy just any type of mouthpiece trombone which may eventually result in waste of money and time. Below are the things to consider before buying the best trombone mouthpiece for high notes:

Be sure of your trombone size: Before dabbling into the market you need to know the size of your trombone, this particular step is very important because you may end up with a trombone that won’t fit well. This is why you should always make sure of the size that will fit well with your musical instruments.

trombone mouthpiece

Additionally, you also need to put into consideration the size of the backbore and the throat of the trombone, this permits higher volume and better sound, so you want to go for the bigger sized throat and backbore.

Material: Before you start to shop for a new mouthpiece, one of the very first things that you should consider is the material of your potential mouthpiece. With each material come different properties and features and what this mean is that whatever choice you pick will definitely impact on your sound.

There are lots of mouthpiece materials in the market and they range from silver, to stainless steel, brass and lastly plastic. Most mouthpiece trombones are made from brass but they are coated with other material so as to reduce the allergy caused by brass.

The silver model promises great, darker and heavier sound. These come with premium products for high level professionals. The stainless still option produces brilliant sound that is great for lead trombone performers.

Quality: When shopping for any type of product it is important that you don’t just get what will sound well but also what will last you for a very long time. To make sure of this one of the things to consider is the brand. Choose brands with reputation to give quality always.

Durability: This should also be on the list of what to consider because you need to get yourself a mouthpiece that is able to stand the test of time and still work fine for you for a longer period of time.

Reviews: The best products always get good reviews from customers this why you should consider going through the product reviews of your potential mouthpiece. This will not only save you money, it will also save you the stress of having to shop for a long time without knowing your best mouthpiece product.

Best Trombone Mouthpiece For High Notes

1. Yamaha YAC YEO Bass Trombone Mouthpiece


This mouthpiece was designed to readily work with bass trombones; this mouthpiece offers rich and large sound because of the big size cup. This mouthpiece is also gold plated and this does not just make it look good but also for the product’s hygiene. This makes the mouthpiece so easy to clean and maintain.

The semi-flat contour will make it easy to use the mouthpiece as you will be able to comfortably mold your lips around the edges of the instrument. This mouthpiece is above average and you will love it.

2. Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL

This mouthpiece instrument is presented with a cup and its depth is medium. Even with this, this product is in fact slightly larger than some other medium-depth cups. For those looking for mouthpieces in this range of size, this is your lucky day. This mouthpiece cannot be called small or large as it is a bit bigger than average and you can say it is more generous in depth.

A fascinating fact about this mouthpiece is that it is not just meant to be used for trombone alone as it can be used for euphonium also.

This is one of the best versatile mouthpieces you can have on the market yet.

3. Blessing MPC65ALTRB Trombone Mouthpiece, 6.5AL



This is designed to have a small shank; it readily works for trombone, euphonium and baritone alike. So you are in luck if you can play all of these instruments because you have gotten yourself a one mouthpiece fits all with this product.

The fact that the price is very accommodating should not deter you from buying this product as it gives great value and quality even for a cheap price. This mouthpiece will not only exceed your expectations, it will make you enjoy your trombone like never before.

Overall, what makes the quality so great is that it is made in Germany or USA.

4. Bach Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece Silver 5G

This mouthpiece is made to give you a generous cup depth however, it comes with a narrow and small shank and this will enhance the quality of your instrument and sound.

In terms of design, you will love this silver-made mouthpiece as this also enhances the sound depths of the instrument. Additionally, you will be getting a mouthpiece with a rounded rim and medium width with this mouthpiece as this serves as a comfort for the player of this instrument.

This is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

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5. Schilke Standard Series Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece



If you own a tenor trombone, then you will love this small shank mouthpiece with a silver finish is just right for you. This product’s shank is just suitable for this kind of item. With this, you will have no problem fitting your instrument.

You will be getting a product that offers great hygiene due to the silver finish. Additionally, this will offer deep and robust sound along with your trombone.

Finally, you will love the ease of use that this mouthpiece promises. The sturdiness and the roundness of the rim will also offer longevity of use.


What is a wedge mouthpiece?

This question springs up a lot amongst trombone users which is why we have decided to say something about it.

If you are thinking about a mouthpiece, it is symmetrical and you can put it in the trombone, rotate it and nothing will be affected. The rim comes in a flat design and it is in such a way that when placed on a table every of the parts will touch the table.

However, wedge mouthpieces are not of perfect circle designs, they come in oval shape. The side to side width of the cup comes a bit smaller than the top to bottom. This is why you have to put the orientation dot up.

The contour of the rim is what makes it go along with the shape of your teeth, additionally, this is of help to people that are on braces.

The wedge mouthpieces have been greatly talked about amongst brass players and the claims have been encouraging so there is no reason to be skeptical about choosing this type of mouthpiece.

What about gold mouthpiece?

The gold mouthpiece does not conduct heat as fast as the silver mouthpiece. What this mean is that when this mouthpiece warms up it does not cool off on time.

People have laid so many claims about the gold mouthpieces and most feel they are great. The gold mouthpiece feels wet and this allows you to use reduced pressure which will allow you to position your mouth in such a way that will produce the tone colours you want with ease.

What are the best mouthpieces to hit high notes?

Getting a new mouthpiece will not totally eradicate the challenge of wanting to hit a high note, the new mouthpiece may just help to enhance comfort and endurance. The best way to hit a high note with ease is via the use of high long tones.

If you are working with a small shank for jazz and you are making use of any mouthpiece larger than a 12C, you are advised to try out 12C if you insist but if you are already using 12C you can try out the 15EW. However, this mouthpiece is used for alto trombones.

To hit a high note you should also know that the biggest element needed to make this happen is direction and air velocity. However, this requires constant practice so as to help you get to your desired high notes with ease.


Brass players may sometimes face the challenge of hitting the high note they require which can be somewhat frustrating. This can even lead to reduced motivation for beginner brass players. However, this challenge is not cast on stone which means it can be easily handled.

This article has been targeted at making this challenge a thing of the past which is why you have read a number of things above that we hope will help you in choosing the best trombone mouthpiece for high notes.

Additionally, our frequently asked questions would have helped you to understand how to hit a high note with ease.

You can now go on to buy yourself the best trombone mouthpiece for high notes.

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Vincent Bach 27609 Trombone Mouthpiece (3415G)
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  • Cup Depth is Deep
  • Rim Shape Med Wide Semi Flat
  • Model No. / Depth of Cup / Approx. Cup Dia. / Rim Shape / Throat / Backbore / Description 1G / Deep / 28.00 mm / Medium thin, well rounded.
  • 1-1/4G / Deep / 27.50 mm / Medium thin, well rounded. / .276" / 429
an-do-er Alto Trombone Copper Mouthpiece Mouth Piece 6.5AL (Gold)
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  • It have 6 months warranty.
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Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C
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  • medium width rim
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  • cup diameter: 16,30 mm
  • Backbore 10