What Beat Maker Do Rappers Use? 2023 – Complete Guide

When you hear the beginning of a rap song, the beats are what get your head bobbing. It is important for rappers, along with all music producers, to have a good beat to their songs. There is numerous music-related software that you can take advantage of as an emerging rapper.

Best Pick
Image Line Music Software, (5391502517895)
Good Choice
ACID Pro 8 - Professional Music Production with Acidized Loops
Also Consider
Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 Recording Software, Professional
Image Line Music Software, (5391502517895)
ACID Pro 8 - Professional Music Production with Acidized Loops
Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 Recording Software, Professional
Best Pick
Image Line Music Software, (5391502517895)
Image Line Music Software, (5391502517895)
Good Choice
ACID Pro 8 - Professional Music Production with Acidized Loops
ACID Pro 8 - Professional Music Production with Acidized Loops
Also Consider
Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 Recording Software, Professional
Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 Recording Software, Professional

While it may be difficult to know exactly which beat maker would be the ideal choice for you, we can tell you about the ones that are the most widely used by rappers around the world. Since these softwares are ideal for music production in general, you will not need to go anywhere else for it. All of these are compatible with Windows 10.

Top Beat Makers for Rappers

Source: flybeat-records.com

1. Adobe Audition

This is software that will find its way to many lists talking about the best beatmakers. This is the ideal software for music production, whether it is for rap or any other genre. There are many features that distinguish this software from others on this list.

The software program is available to be used for free for anybody willing to try out to see if it fits them well. For beginners, this program might seem difficult to navigate at first, but anyone can use it after they spend some time with it.


  • Better sound quality by removal of background noise from the music and the audio tracks.
  • The software supports multitrack play so that you can layer up the audio that you are creating.
  • You can edit already completed projects by using this tool.
  • This software is perfect for any music producer, whether a beginner or an experienced rapper.
  • The newer updates on this software except for the audio files that were created with the older versions.
  • The software also supports multiple audio formats so that the editing can be seamless and is not restricted to just supporting studios converted to MP3.

2. FL Studio

FL Studio
Source: surfaceproaudio.com

This is another music-producing software that is perfect for both beginners and experienced individuals. There is a free version and paid version of the software. So if a beginner wants to try this out to see if it fits them, they can begin with the free version and then get the upgrades later.

Using FL studio might seem daunting at first with all of the features. But there is a user manual for the software, and there are many tutorials that one can watch to get the hang of things. The software is extremely popular when it comes to producing electronic dance music or EDM. Rappers can successfully use this to create catchy beats for their upcoming songs.


  • Easy-to-use features allow even beginners to create music effortlessly.
  • Offers pitch-shifting and correction features.
  • Many of the features include customization, which allows for a personal touch to the edited piece.
  • Vocals and instruments can be recorded with the help of the software so that they can easily be merged into the recording or the audio being edited.
  • It can be used for free initially, and if you shift to the paid version, then the upgrades that you will have will be free of cost, so it is a budget-friendly option.

3. ACID Pro 10

ACID Pro 10

This software has been on the horizon for about two decades and is still a great option for both beginners and experienced rappers. Much like FL studio, this software also offers a free version to be used with limited features so that beginners and new users can try out and see if this is a good software for them to create music.

The ACID Pro 8 was the previously launched program for beat-making. ACID Pro 10 congrès with upgraded features and a new Graphics User Interface. If you are looking for something more advanced, you can try the ACID Pro 365.


  • Allows for multi-track editing and layering.
  • Supports more than a dozen plugins for better editing and music creation.
  • Excellent audio MIDI features and can process more than 15 instruments.
  • VST3 support is another bonus for beat-making.
  • The loop library allows for up to 9 GB of storage.

4. Samplitude Pro X5

This is another software that will support all kinds of new music production along with beat making. This music program is perfect if you want to be in charge of all the aspects of music production. You can record, edit, layer, and produce music through the software.

Both beginners and intermediate music producers can easily manage mixing and mastering on the software. The audio quality that will result from the use of this software is optimal.


  • The automation lanes in the software help the user to keep track of their editing progress and help them manage the beat-making better.
  • Up to 17 instruments are supported by this program.
  • Upgraded MIDI features.
  • Users have a browser built into this program so that they can search for stock effects and instruments.

5. Steinberg Cubase

Steinberg Cubase
Source: djmag.com

This is a music production software that is widely used by both wrappers and professionals making music of other genres. This program supports manual editing. If you feel that you need better control over the beat that you are making, then this is the right software for you.

This is a popular software because it allows for advanced editing. While more experienced music producers would be able to make the most of the software, beginners can surely try and manage it with some practice.


  • One of the biggest sound libraries offered by music-producing software.
  • Supports the recording of an additional 24 musical instruments.
  • Limitless audio MIDI tracks.
  • Easy editing for beginners.
  • Supports various plugins.

The Takeaway

As a rapper, you will have to choose a beatmaker that aligns with your experience in beat making. It is better to first try the free versions of the music production software whenever available to get an understanding of how it works. If you feel like investing money in a particular software is worth it, then you should get started on beat-making immediately.