6 Routines You Need in the Music Room – 2023 Guide

You can only give the best as a teacher to your students if you know how to manage your class well. Trust me; your music class will not be successful if you do not manage it well. Remember, this class will feature so many things like playing instruments, dancing, and singing.

Organizing things will make it come out successful. You just have to let your students corporate with you to get the best out of every class. As such, we will be considering some of the essential routines you need in the music room to make every session a successful one.

While the requirements for each class will be different, we will pay attention to the basic and essential ones that you will need in all classes. We do hope this helps make your music room more organized and helps impart knowledge to all your students.

Routine 1: Entering the Music room

This is one of the essential ones that many always have a hard time getting right. To start with, depending on the design of your music room and the sitting pattern, you should assign seats to every student. So, when they enter, they know where to sit already.

Also, make sure that they learn to enter quietly. Even if they come late (which you should kick against), their quiet entry won’t distract the ongoing class.

Routine 2: Exiting the Music Room

music room

This will also influence the setup of your class. The class should not be closely packed. You may need to reduce the number of students or cut them into sections if you will be able to organize their exiting and activities in the music room. Also, you may put some paint on the floor to signify where they will take when exiting the class.

You should also take note to mark walkways, which will not be the same as the route they take when exiting the class. This makes things more organized. This method is what they call line order. Keep a map or legend in the class that will help all understand what each line stands for.

You may develop a pattern of exit, either they dance after every class, singing, and whatever you pick, it must be in an organized manner.

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Routine 3: Getting supplies in the room

There are several activities you will be having in the music room. As such, when you have decided what you will be doing for a day, try and put everything into consideration when setting the room for the day’s task. If you will be painting, keep all materials needed beside each other.

You can then arrange them for each row. As such, they don’t need to start walking around during the class in search of their supplies. You may also distribute it to them yourself. You pack the supplies for each row, and they line up accordingly to take it when you are on their row. They should also follow this same arrangement when sitting. Irrespective of what you are doing in the class that day, this arrangement will keep things organized.

Routine 4: Movement in the classroom

This is another important thing to plan when talking about the classroom routine. When the class is over, when they are waiting for the next class, or when you are attending to other things, how will the students organize themselves in these situations?

The answer to this depends on your organization and how you have planned each class. Many classes are designed in such a way that there is a general centre. During their free time, you may ask them to play around the centre using some pre-designed format.

The normal play, like clapping, some dance steps, which are preceded either with your command, the use of musical tools, or based on a number of moves. When things are organized this way, even when you are not around, everyone will know what to do and how to comport themselves.

For general movement, you should ensure that it is done row-wise. Each row will complete their movement before other rows join them. That makes things more organized. While it may not be easy to understand this at the initial stage, they will eventually learn to work with this pattern.

Routine 5: Food and snacks

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When this is not addressed, your class will still lack the touch of the organization it deserves. There should be a general room where they will eat their food. Eating should not be allowed in the class, not even snacks. This, in one way, will keep your class neat and prevent insects and smaller animals from entering into your room and destroying your material.

There should be a stipulated time when they can eat; you should have a few minutes that will be dedicated for them to eat their food in the designed room. And if you don’t have a special room, you should ensure they all clean their space after eating. And that must be done only within the time you have specified.

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Routine 6: Visiting the Bathroom and using the supplies

A standard music room will come with a bathroom and materials. If you do have one, you need to monitor how it is being used too. Irrespective of if the class is designed for adults, teenagers, or for smaller kids.

Your students should not be able to access the bathroom whenever they want. Using the bathroom should come with some restrictions. Students should seek permission before entering into the bathroom. You should also control how your student will use the materials in the bathroom like the tissues, soap, water and others.

You can also give individual cards that they will raise whenever they want to go out, or when they want to go out for other activities. They should not leave the class when they feel like leaving.


These routines, to some, might look too easy; as such, you may attach a bit of punishment as a reward for disobeying. And nothing motivates students more than rewarding them for doing things the right way. You are bound to have a successful and interesting class with all these put in place.