5 YouTube Musicians You Need To See To Believe

ouTube has changed how young and innovative musicians get discovered. No longer are luck and dingy bars necessary elements. This has allowed musicians to get more innovative and push the boundaries of what is popular.

Check these amazing musicians for just a taste of the brilliance out there on the web.

1. Tom Thum

Tom Thum is an Australian beatboxer and looping artist and while beatboxing is one of those skills everyone thinks they can do, Thum truly impresses.

He creates amazing compositions entirely with his mouth, creating every single instrument and singing beautifully. He also was the speaker for an incredible TED talk which you can watch here.

2. Kurt Hugo Schneider

Kurt Hugo Schneider began creating musical YouTube videos with his roommate from Yale but now has appeared on Oprah and in music videos for names such as Jason Derulo and Keke Palmer.

His videos always feature a collection of his friends and collaborators and vary from well-produced covers and mash-ups to simple, single-take originals. Check out this amazingly impressive, shot in one take, original song! We love it!

3. Anika Nilles

Whoever said that drums were for boys, never saw Anika Nilles. Anika is a german drummer, songwriter, and producer and utilizes the drum set as an independent instrument rather than just a rhythm section.

Her videos are well-produced and all feature original songs she composed. And most of all, watching her drum is a hypnotic, awe-inspiring experience. She really makes it look easy!

4. Jon Gomm

Jon Gomm is an acoustic guitar virtuoso, songwriter, and performer who redefines what is capable with the standard acoustic guitar.

Using every piece of the guitar to create sounds (including the tuning pegs in mid-song!), Gomm creates stunningly beautiful melodies and harmonies that impossibly come from only one instrument. We could watch him perform for hours and we hope you feel the same way!

5. A Capella Science

To be transparent, A Capella Science is one of my favorite things I’ve ever watched on YouTube. And despite understanding very little of this video, I was thoroughly impressed both by the science and the musicality.

So whether or not you are a science-nerd like this author, the hilarity, talent, and impressive understanding of advanced particle physics in these videos are sure to amaze and entertain!